Looking on the bright side

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I work in a care home as a general assistant. The care home has 56 elderly residents (some have dementia) and it is divided into 2 sections- residential and nursing. The residential section is mostly made up of those who can move about and take care of themselves and the nursing section is made of those who need a lot of assistance daily.

The other day, I was working with the domestic staff upstairs and I had just started cleaning one of the residents' rooms in the nursing section when I heard someone say "help me please" from the hallway. I rushed out the door to see what was going on and it was one of the residents ( a sixty-something year old woman who probably has dementia) standing next to the window.

 Me: What's the matter, love? Do you need something?
Resident: Oh help me please. I need to get out the door. I need to go to work.
Me: *Stands there looking confused as there was no door next to her*
What door?
Resident: This one. *Points at the window*
Me: That's not a door, love. It's a window. You can't go out the window.
Resident: No, help me please. I need to get out this door. I'm gonna be late for work. I can't stay here all day. I'm cold. I need to go to work.
Me: If you're cold darling, then maybe you need a cup of tea and a blanket. It's cold outside.

I turned around to get back to what I was doing as I saw a carer coming and I knew she was probably going to attend to her.
Resident: Oh no please don't go *Starts screaming and crying as I begin to walk away*

She was screaming at the top of her voice and uttering very piercing cries for help and throwing tantrums just so I would open the window she thought was a door. All I could think of at that moment was "What have I gotten myself into?" The carers and I tried to calm her down but she became even more agitated, started swearing, knocked down her frame and started banging on the wall.

She finally calmed down after a while and I was able to get back to what I was doing. About half an hour later, I found her sitting on a chair next to one of the offices- drinking a cup of tea ( that same cup of tea I had told her she needed and she had decided to slay me) Apparently one of the carers had succeeded in convincing her into having a cup of tea. She beckoned to me as I walked pass and I immediately thought my presence had suddenly made her agitated again and she was probably thinking about maybe washing me down with her cup of tea.

Resident: Can you please cover me up with this blanket? *Points at blanket on the floor*
Me: Of course darling.
Resident: Thanks love. *Smiles at me as I walk away*

Then I realised it was either she didn't remember what had happened a few minutes ago or she had decided all of a sudden to forgive me for not yielding to her request. Either way I was happy that at that particular moment, she knew me as the girl who covered her up with a blanket when she was cold and not the one who tried to stop her from going to "work".

Just as I finished work and was about to go home, it started raining and I didn't have my umbrella so I had to wait a while in the staff room and I was like "This day couldn't get any worse."

Now for the point of this post. Sometimes, life throws situations at us. Situations we never expect.  Not all of them will be good. We always hope and pray for the best and we expect the worst. We know exactly what we will do when good things happen- welcome them with open arms. But when the worst comes, do we forget all about the positives and start thinking negatively or do we accept the negatives and try to make positives out of them? It is often easier to notice the negatives and complain about everything, than to be grateful and rejoice with everything that's going well. It will help a lot if we can transform our outlook and stop taking our blessings for granted. We say behind every dark cloud there is a silver lightening but in trying times, do we actually look on the bright side?
Just food for thought.


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