My Race For Life Event

So at the beginning of this year I decided to start losing weight because I wanted a healthier lifestyle. So far I have lost 20lbs and I am still going to lose more to get to my goal weight of 120lbs. The whole idea of losing weight at the beginning seemed impossible because it was something I had tried countless times before and I had given up. This time around, it was different because I stuck to it.

I haven't always enjoyed running but every time I go out for a run, I tend to find it more tolerable. A few weeks ago I went out for a run and I was able to complete four miles without giving up. I was very pleased coz I remembered the very first time I tried running where I turned around and walked back home after running for 5 mins. Just as I got home that day, the Race For Life ad was on tv. I was feeling very inspired and I said to myself "Why not use what I have to do something for others" So I went to the website and booked my event for the 8th of June. I'll be doing a 5k run at 11am.

I received my Race For Life pack containing all I'm going to be needing for my race.

I got 2 wristbands to tear off and wear on the day. The pink one's for me and the blue one's for whoever I like. They are just to show support :)

This is a checklist just to make sure I get everything done on the day before going for the event :)

This is my race number. I'm supposed to wear this at the front of my t-shirt during the race.

I also got a sponsorship form in case I wanted to raise funds.

I'm supposed to write my reason for doing the race on this piece of paper and stick it on my back. I'm gonna decorate this later coz I would want it to look pretty :D

This is a cheering board for friends and family. They could write anything at the back of it in order to cheer and support me during the race.

This is the envelope where everything came in. I suck at opening envelopes so sorry it looks really tattered :D
The t-shirt and bandana I ordered from the race for life shop finally arrived. I am so in love with the colour. They are so pretty. Now that I've got everything I really can't wait for the race :)


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