Medicine Application: The 8th rejection

This is going to be my very first post as I have decided to give this blogging thingy a try. I had planned my first post to be about a medicine offer and not about my 8th medicine rejection but I guess life doesn't always work out as planned does it?

So just like the title says, yesterday- Tuesday 6th May 2014, I received my 8th medicine rejection. This rejection was very different from all the other rejections I've had because it was the most heartbreaking of them all. It was from my first choice university- St George's University London. I had an interview back in December and I was placed on the waiting list the next day. So I have been waiting for over four months for a rejection basically.

I also applied to Aberdeen, Dundee and Sheffield. I got pre-interview rejections from the Scottish universities and an amended offer for Biomedical Science from Sheffield. This 2014 application has been one hell of a roller coaster ride which didn't end well unfortunately.

I had just finished signing out of work when I received an email notification from SGUL. After I read the content of that horrible email, I had to fight back tears during my twenty minute journey back home. My crying is not pretty so it would have been really embarrassing for me haha. Anyway, I managed to get home safely and then the flood gates came crashing down. After curling myself up in a ball and crying for over an hour, I decided there was no point dwelling in the past. I had to pick myself up and decide what I was going to do next. After doing some thinking, I have decided to try a third time. I know a couple of people who have gotten in the third time.

This rejection has given me determination. It has encouraged me to fight harder. I know that if I get more work experience, I could make my application stronger than ever. After all, third time's a charm right?


  1. Sorry to hear about St Georges.

    Don't give up.It might take longer to get there,but it will be worth it in the end.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I just have to say I love your blog and I follow you :)


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