Thursday, 26 June 2014

Unboxing: My very first filofax

Hello peeps,
So in my post about using the S Planner app for organising, I did mention that I was looking forward to getting my very own filofax or personal organiser. It's strange coz a few months ago, I didn't even know what a filofax was and now, I am an absolute filo addict. I have had a look at the different brands and to be totally honest, I wasn't too crazy about the leather designs.They are very pretty planners I must say but I was looking for something a little different. I was therefore drawn to the fabric designs and I fell in love with Cover Story's Floral burst. I think it is a very beautiful filofax but I didn't want to get it just yet. My plan was to get a cheaper planner and test it out first to see if personal organisers work for me and then get the floral burst later (that is if it is still my dream filofax then). I really didn't want to get something really expensive and then end up not using it.

I initially thought I was gonna get one of the paperchase branded organisers because they are cheaper and test it out first but then I found the Personal Saffiano filofax in aqua on eBay for just £19.99. I hesitated at first but then after watching various unboxing and set up videos on YouTube, I just loved it more and I finally jumped on the filofax bus. Yay!!!

So this is the package it came in.

 There it is. It came with the Filofax plastic covering. 

And there it is again *Gasps* It is beautiful.

So it came with personal information pages and some old diary inserts.


To-do sheets

Address sheets

Blue, green and pink coloured paper

Week on two pages

There's the frosted ruler, the pocket that's open at the top and a notepad at the back.

 I am so excited because I love love love this planner. It is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to "move" in to it. I will set this puppy up and there will be a follow up post about my set up so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The problem with working with people

Last week was the most stressful week I have ever had since I started working. I work in a nursing home as a general assistant. I assist in the kitchen, laundry and I also carry out domestic duties.Working with people can be very rewarding but it also can be very frustrating. This is because in every environment you find yourself in, there will always be some people who will knowingly or unknowingly try to take away your will to live.

These past few months, I have been able to form some special relationships and I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many lovely people. The kind of people who make you smile every time you speak to them. However, there are others who try so hard to make life difficult. So sometimes I get to experience situations like these;

  • A resident complaining about a stolen banana just to draw attention to himself. 
Resident: Someone stole my banana. Did you see it?
Me: Someone stole your banana?
Resident: Yes it was on this table and someone stole it. 
Me: *Looks in the bin and finds a banana peel. Picks it up and shows it to him* 
This is your banana. You ate it. No one stole it.
Resident: Well I sure don't remember doing that.
Me: Hmmmmmm 

  • A resident trying to stop me from using the the vacuum cleaner for no reason.
Resident: *Points finger at me* No! No! No! Stop doing that! Stop it!!!
Me: I really need to do this now. Could you please wait in the lounge? I'll come get you when I'm done.
Resident: No!! Stop it now. Shut up and get out!!!

Me:*Tries to keep calm*

It is either that or she'll try to steal take away the sign that says "Caution. Wet floor" and then pull down her trousers and start peeing in the hallway. Guess who's gonna have to clean that up? Moi of course. I try to get a carer to take her away every time and I think she hates me now so whenever I see her, I say a little prayer coz honestly, I'm scared of what she might do to me. 
I do consider the fact that some of these people are suffering from dementia and that sometimes they can't really be blamed for their actions but I can't help but think that some of them do what they do intentionally. 

  • A relative trying to get me in trouble with the manager.
Relative: Make sure you always take everything on the side of the table. It's rubbish.
Me: Got it.


Relative: Where are the magazines that were on the table yesterday?
Me: I threw them away.
Relative: Why would you do that?
Me:  Eeerm because you said I should always take everything on the side of the table coz they were rubbish.
Relative: I didn't ask you to take the magazines. They weren't ready to be thrown away. You have to go find them wherever you put them.
Me: I'm sorry but I threw them away yesterday and the bins have already been emptied.
Relative: Go get them now or I will have to tell your manager about the terrible job you have been doing.

At this point, I'm thinking "Seriously woman? You want me to go rummage through bins to find magazines you don't even need just coz you weren't the one who asked me to throw them away? Who does that?"
I'm sorry but I do think putting rubbish IN the bin in the first place would save everyone the stress. It's just absolutely ridiculous.

Fortunately for me, the manager understood the situation and I didn't have to do that at all. I learnt my lesson anyway. I ain't taking anything if it's not in the bin.

  • A few weeks ago, I witnessed one of the carers being harassed by a relative because the resident had tried to fake an incident. This resident was perfectly fine and she had asked to use the toilet so the carer was taking her to the toilet on a wheelchair. As soon as she was told that someone had come to visit her, she started screaming at the top of her voice "Help me, she's trying to kill me. Somebody help me please". Then the relative immediately started shouting at the poor carer who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

You can't really get rid of these people. They won't go away. They'll always be there. You learn to live with them. Experiences teach you, build you and make you a better person. So I tell myself  "I have a goal. I am rising above. They can try but they won't bring me down coz what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger"

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Medicine Application: UCAS Apply 2015 Open

Hey guys. 

Just a quick post to say that UCAS APPLY 2015 is now open. So if you are going to apply to university from October 2014- January 2015, you can start filling in your application form now.
I have been stalking the UCAS website since the beginning of the month so I found out today. I can't believe it's been a year already since the last application started. I just can't wait to get to October. If I had a magic wand, I'd make these months fly by but I don't have one so we'll take it one step at a time :D

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Using the S Planner app for organising

Hey guys,

So I really do love the idea of a personal organiser or a filofax and I'm really looking forward to getting one-probably next month but until then, I found a similar way of organising. This might be suitable for those who aren't really comfortable with writing everything down and doing all the decorating and stuff that comes with owning a personal organiser. I stumbled upon an app on my phone called S Planner and I thought I might share this as I started using it and I found it useful. 

I don't know if the app can be found in the app store but it was already on my phone when I got it and I own a Samsung Galaxy S4. The app is circled in the photo on the bottom right.

I loved the fact that it has tabs on the right hand side.. This is what the monthly tab looks like with events and tasks dotted around.
The next tab is the weekly tab. The tasks and events of the week are displayed across the page under each day.

Next is the day tab. The list of events and tasks are listed on the page and the tasks that have been completed can be ticked off when completed.

The very first tab is the year tab. I just started using this app so there aren't many events recorded on here.

My favourite part about this app is that it lets you use stickers when noting down important dates. There are stickers for events, activities, food, leisure, people and highlighters. So you can add a little colour to the pages.

There is also the task tab which lists out the tasks you have set for yourself . You can view details of the task and deadline by just clicking on it. After completing the task, you can tick it off by clicking on the tick box next to it. To create a new task, you just have to click on the + button on the top right hand corner.

Last but not the least is the list tab which is a list of all the events and tasks you have recorded including the ones that have been ticked off. 

Finally, if you are on the month or week tabs, you can get the tasks and events of the current day by just clicking on the "Today" button on the top left hand corner. I found this similar to the "Today" ruler in filofaxes.

I have been using this app for a while now and I have found it very simple and easy to use. It would be very useful if you are in college or university for noting down assignments, lectures, projects, deadlines e.t.c. It has really helped me with managing my blog posts. However, I do think that using this app doesn't allow you to be able to keep other valuable information like addresses, passwords and log-in details, or make notes, write down recipe ideas or finances e.t.c. Maybe it's just me but I do want more than just to-do lists, events and deadlines and so I am still looking forward to getting a personal organiser in the future. Plus, I would do anything which will help me minimise the use of my phone.

Anyone else ever tried using S planner or another app for organising?

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beginning of the World Cup

It's the 12th of June and today marks the beginning of the World Cup 2014. Woohoo!!! I just thought I might do a quick post. I normally don't watch football but I am so very excited about this one. I'm supporting my home country- Cameroon and all the African teams.

The Indomitable Lions (Cameroon)

I can't say for sure how far we will get in the game but I really can't wait for the match against Brazil on the 23rd of June. I do think we will be toasted but you never know. Anything can happen :D I really just want at least one of the African teams to get to the quarter finals. That would be awesome.

Anyone else excited about the World Cup?Which teams are you supporting?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Race For Life Event: Update

I've got some pictures from my race today. It was a fantastic experience and I had a really good time. It was so amazing to see how everyone could come together in one accord with one goal in mind.

I met two ladies there who were running the race for both their mums and themselves. It really did hit me at that point why I was doing the race. I was doing it for them and all others out there like them.

The first 3km were alright but then my feet starting hurting after that and I was finding it difficult to breathe.  I kept telling myself "Whatever happens, just keep running and don't stop." When we were told we had 1k left I picked up the pace and as soon as I saw the finish line ahead of me, I sprinted across. I finished the race in about 25mins.

Here's a video I found with some cancer survivors. A little prayer for all those out there battling cancer. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Someday, very soon, we shall overcome.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

How I organised my notes for college #2

This second part is going to be about how I organised my Maths notes.

For my Maths notes, I used the hardcover notebooks (the ones I showed in part 1) for each of my modules. I did Further Maths A level so I did quite a number of modules. I also used A4 refill pads very often to do assignments and practice questions.

The notes in the photo above were for the Core 4 module.  I only used different colours for the titles and formulas coz the notes mostly consisted of calculations.

This module (Statistics 2) however, was a nicer one coz it had lots of diagrams so I was able to use lots of colour to make the notes look less boring.

These resource packs were sold in our college shop for just £1. They were very useful for revision.

Inside the pack were notes for each topic in that module along with examples and illustrative diagrams. I sometimes made summary notes on A4 paper from these notes.

When revising, I always made sure I understood the concepts first by going through notes and some examples then I moved on to practice questions and past paper questions. I did almost every past paper I could find ranging from the resource pack to the MEI website

This booklet given to us by the college was also very useful as it had formulas and tables for all the modules. We were given the same booklet during the exam but it helped to have it with you during revision as well.

Another thing we were given by the college was this condensed formula booklet which was made by Loughborough university.

It had all sorts of Maths formulas you could ever think of ranging from Algebra to circles to sine, cosine and tangent graphs and some other stuff I didn't really know.

I thought it was a useful because I could take it anywhere and not have to carry around the bigger formula booklet.

Maths for me, was all about practice. Once you are able to grasp the concept or understand how to do it, the only thing left is to do as many practice questions as possible. Practice makes perfect.