How I organised my notes for college #2

This second part is going to be about how I organised my Maths notes.

For my Maths notes, I used the hardcover notebooks (the ones I showed in part 1) for each of my modules. I did Further Maths A level so I did quite a number of modules. I also used A4 refill pads very often to do assignments and practice questions.

The notes in the photo above were for the Core 4 module.  I only used different colours for the titles and formulas coz the notes mostly consisted of calculations.

This module (Statistics 2) however, was a nicer one coz it had lots of diagrams so I was able to use lots of colour to make the notes look less boring.

These resource packs were sold in our college shop for just £1. They were very useful for revision.

Inside the pack were notes for each topic in that module along with examples and illustrative diagrams. I sometimes made summary notes on A4 paper from these notes.

When revising, I always made sure I understood the concepts first by going through notes and some examples then I moved on to practice questions and past paper questions. I did almost every past paper I could find ranging from the resource pack to the MEI website

This booklet given to us by the college was also very useful as it had formulas and tables for all the modules. We were given the same booklet during the exam but it helped to have it with you during revision as well.

Another thing we were given by the college was this condensed formula booklet which was made by Loughborough university.

It had all sorts of Maths formulas you could ever think of ranging from Algebra to circles to sine, cosine and tangent graphs and some other stuff I didn't really know.

I thought it was a useful because I could take it anywhere and not have to carry around the bigger formula booklet.

Maths for me, was all about practice. Once you are able to grasp the concept or understand how to do it, the only thing left is to do as many practice questions as possible. Practice makes perfect.


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