My Race For Life Event: Update

I've got some pictures from my race today. It was a fantastic experience and I had a really good time. It was so amazing to see how everyone could come together in one accord with one goal in mind.

I met two ladies there who were running the race for both their mums and themselves. It really did hit me at that point why I was doing the race. I was doing it for them and all others out there like them.

The first 3km were alright but then my feet starting hurting after that and I was finding it difficult to breathe.  I kept telling myself "Whatever happens, just keep running and don't stop." When we were told we had 1k left I picked up the pace and as soon as I saw the finish line ahead of me, I sprinted across. I finished the race in about 25mins.

Here's a video I found with some cancer survivors. A little prayer for all those out there battling cancer. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Someday, very soon, we shall overcome.


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