Unboxing: My very first filofax

Hello peeps,
So in my post about using the S Planner app for organising, I did mention that I was looking forward to getting my very own filofax or personal organiser. It's strange coz a few months ago, I didn't even know what a filofax was and now, I am an absolute filo addict. I have had a look at the different brands and to be totally honest, I wasn't too crazy about the leather designs.They are very pretty planners I must say but I was looking for something a little different. I was therefore drawn to the fabric designs and I fell in love with Cover Story's Floral burst. I think it is a very beautiful filofax but I didn't want to get it just yet. My plan was to get a cheaper planner and test it out first to see if personal organisers work for me and then get the floral burst later (that is if it is still my dream filofax then). I really didn't want to get something really expensive and then end up not using it.

I initially thought I was gonna get one of the paperchase branded organisers because they are cheaper and test it out first but then I found the Personal Saffiano filofax in aqua on eBay for just £19.99. I hesitated at first but then after watching various unboxing and set up videos on YouTube, I just loved it more and I finally jumped on the filofax bus. Yay!!!

So this is the package it came in.

 There it is. It came with the Filofax plastic covering. 

And there it is again *Gasps* It is beautiful.

So it came with personal information pages and some old diary inserts.


To-do sheets

Address sheets

Blue, green and pink coloured paper

Week on two pages

There's the frosted ruler, the pocket that's open at the top and a notepad at the back.

 I am so excited because I love love love this planner. It is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to "move" in to it. I will set this puppy up and there will be a follow up post about my set up so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading.


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