Using the S Planner app for organising

Hey guys,

So I really do love the idea of a personal organiser or a filofax and I'm really looking forward to getting one-probably next month but until then, I found a similar way of organising. This might be suitable for those who aren't really comfortable with writing everything down and doing all the decorating and stuff that comes with owning a personal organiser. I stumbled upon an app on my phone called S Planner and I thought I might share this as I started using it and I found it useful. 

I don't know if the app can be found in the app store but it was already on my phone when I got it and I own a Samsung Galaxy S4. The app is circled in the photo on the bottom right.

I loved the fact that it has tabs on the right hand side.. This is what the monthly tab looks like with events and tasks dotted around.
The next tab is the weekly tab. The tasks and events of the week are displayed across the page under each day.

Next is the day tab. The list of events and tasks are listed on the page and the tasks that have been completed can be ticked off when completed.

The very first tab is the year tab. I just started using this app so there aren't many events recorded on here.

My favourite part about this app is that it lets you use stickers when noting down important dates. There are stickers for events, activities, food, leisure, people and highlighters. So you can add a little colour to the pages.

There is also the task tab which lists out the tasks you have set for yourself . You can view details of the task and deadline by just clicking on it. After completing the task, you can tick it off by clicking on the tick box next to it. To create a new task, you just have to click on the + button on the top right hand corner.

Last but not the least is the list tab which is a list of all the events and tasks you have recorded including the ones that have been ticked off. 

Finally, if you are on the month or week tabs, you can get the tasks and events of the current day by just clicking on the "Today" button on the top left hand corner. I found this similar to the "Today" ruler in filofaxes.

I have been using this app for a while now and I have found it very simple and easy to use. It would be very useful if you are in college or university for noting down assignments, lectures, projects, deadlines e.t.c. It has really helped me with managing my blog posts. However, I do think that using this app doesn't allow you to be able to keep other valuable information like addresses, passwords and log-in details, or make notes, write down recipe ideas or finances e.t.c. Maybe it's just me but I do want more than just to-do lists, events and deadlines and so I am still looking forward to getting a personal organiser in the future. Plus, I would do anything which will help me minimise the use of my phone.

Anyone else ever tried using S planner or another app for organising?


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