Colour coding in your Filofax

Hey everyone,

As a Filofax newbie I've had to learn the ways of a Filofax from experienced Filofaxers and one thing I've noticed is that most of them tend to have a colour coding system of some sort which is very useful especially in the calendar/diary section. I am a very visual person and I thought I might give this a try as I love adding colour to my pages. I had a look around the internet and these are some of the different colour coding systems I found. Image sources can be found below the photos.

Ah don't you just love that handwriting? I want to learn how to write like that.
Image from-My purpley life

OATT blog

The Wonderful Life of Alice

I personally love the simplicity of this one.
Image from- Life of Kitty

This one is a little different. It's a sticker coding system.
Image from- My Filo World

This is my very first colour coding system. I was going for something simple-not very complicated and this one has worked for me so far.
Do any of you lovely Filofaxers use colour/sticker coding systems which help in your diary/calendar sections? Has it worked for you?
Thanks for reading.


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