Filofax stationery haul

This is a very exciting post for me because I am in love with stationery. Yeah that's right- I admitted it. I love stationery so much that sometimes I walk into Rymans and WH Smith with no intention of buying but just to stare at all the beautiful stationery.

*Looks back at previous sentence and realises it's so sad*

Well in my defence, the last time I actually made use of stationery was back in June 2013 when I was writing my A levels. So it's been more than a year and it's frustrating to want something but not being able to use it. Getting a filofax is one of the best decisions I've made this gap year coz now I get to use all these gorgeous little cute bundles of lusciousness (I'm talking about stationery btw :D)

Anyway, so these are the goodies I got.

10 Zebra mini retractable ball point pens-WH Smith
Sticky index markers- Tesco
Washi tape set- Amazon

Owl stickers- Stickers Kingdom Etsy Shop
The other stickers were given to me as a gift by the same seller which I thought was very kind :)

Paperclips and stickers-  Natalie Shauna Crafts Etsy Shop
The washi tape sample was given to me by the same seller for free :)

Love heart, butterfly and star stickers- Rymans

Leaf sticky notes- Ebay
Fruit sticky notes - Mrs Brimbles Etsy Shop

Sticky notes set- Amazon.

Cute cat sticky notes- Ebay

Another set of cat sticky notes. They were 50% off in Accessorize and I couldn't resist :D
Clock and elephant sticky notes- Ebay

I am a sucker for sticky notes and I like them in all shapes and sizes so I have ordered more animal stickies from Ebay but they have not been delivered yet. I will make sure I remember to put photos up when I receive them.
Anyone else love stationery like me?
Thanks for reading.


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