My Week #28

This week, I decided to go with a pink and yellow theme and I absolutely love the cat sticky notes :)
32 days to go till my UKCAT exam and so my week again mostly consisted of me doing practice tests. I have finished doing the practice tests on the and getintomedicine websites and I finally got the Medify one month subscription today. I'm really looking forward to using it as I've heard really good things about the website.

Also, I got 2 more healthcare assistant interview invites from the same hospital-for next week. Aaarrggh. One of them is for the Cardiology ward and it is on the 16th of July and the other is for the Medical and Surgical unit on the 15th of July. The first invite I got for the post of a theatre support worker is at a different hospital on the 23rd of July. If I do get the hca job for the Cardiology ward, I might decide to take that one instead and decline the others but we'll see how it goes.

And finally, the World Cup has come to an end with a victorious win from Germany.
Hope you guys had a good week.


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