My Week #29

This week, I went for a blue ish theme. It wasn't until I put the sticky notes in that I realised the washi wasn't really blue. I still loved how it turned out though and I'm particularly in love with the clock and elephant stickies :)

The first part of my week was quite busy as I had two Health Care Assistant interviews at the same hospital on two consecutive days. Best thing that happened was the fact that I was offered the jobs :)

I started going through UKCAT questions on Medify during the second half of the week.

One very important thing I learnt that helped me this week is that when it comes to your life, you can't keep putting things off till later. The time is now so you have to take control of your life, go grab your blessings and make your dreams come true.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys had a good week.


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