Personalising your Filofax cover

Dear fellow planner enthusiasts,

Do you ever think about making your Filofax look a little different to that of others with the same type? Would you want your Malden/Saffiano/Metropol to look different from Mrs X's at the office or your friend's at college? Ever thought about personalising your Filofax cover?
Well I have had a look around the internet and I have found a fair number of people who have decided to add a personal touch to their covers.

How did they do that I hear you ask?

This is a pocket size Domino in chocolate that has been made prettier by using good quality rub-ons from Basic Grey.
 Image source: Jagged little thoughts blog.

For those with plain fabric covers, you could use a stencilling technique as demonstrated by Sense of gravity.
Image source: Sense of Gravity blog

This is a Metropol in bright pink that has been personalised using a large rose motif stamp and black embossing powder. I love the detail.
Image source: Jagged Little Thoughts blog

How about using stickers if you don't want something permanent?
Image source:

And what about using washi tape? Think about all the pretty designs and combinations you could use.
Image source:

This is a video I found on YouTube. She made her sister draw birds in gold on her maroon Filofax cover and I thought it was a genius idea coz it made it look so pretty and unique.  As you can see from the photo, the name of the YouTuber is TheCarieRandoms.

So what did I do to my Filofax cover???

I started off by putting a flower sticker on the clasp. Feels like a button now and I love it.

Then I played around with a couple of stickers and so it ended up looking like this. What I like about using stickers is I can take them off at any time and use different ones.
And there's the back.
You don't necessarily have to change it totally and completely to make it unrecognisable but I think adding that personal touch brings out more of your personality and makes it your own.

So what do you all think about a personalised Filofax cover? Yay or Nay?
Thanks for reading.


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