Yay!!! I got a HCA job!!!

Hello peeps :D

So I have got exciting news!!! I had two  interviews this week for HCA jobs at different wards at the same hospital. One of them was for the Cardiology ward and the other was for the Acute Medical and Surgical Unit. The first interview I had was on Tuesday (Acute Medical and Surgical Unit). I had to do a literacy and numeracy test which lasted for about an hour. It wasn't hard so that went well. Then I went on to the ward for the actual interview. I was interviewed by a Senior Sister and a Medical Assistant. The interview lasted about 15 minutes and they said they were going to get back to me the next day (yesterday) because they were going to be interviewing till 5p.m.

The second interview was yesterday (Cardiology ward). I thought it was going to be a bit awkward as I had to report to the same reception and show my ID documents all over again and probably do the test again but fortunately, I didn't need to do them all over again so I was sent straight to the ward for the interview. The senior nurse was actually surprised to see me because I was one and a half hour early. :D So I had to wait in the ward for a bit and then they took me to another office for the interview. The questions at this interview were mostly scenario questions and I had to think about them for a while before answering. It almost felt like a medicine interview. The Sister told me they were going to call me at about 3pm after they have interviewed the last person so I went home a little anxious.

I waited for hours impatiently just for that call and it just wasn't coming. I was almost in tears as I hadn't heard back from neither of the two interviews and I wasn't really keen on going to the interview at the other hospital as it is further away from where I live. Then just when I had almost given up, at 5:45pm, I got that call and it was a private number. The sound of her voice at first wasn't really promising and I thought "Aww man I didn't get the job." Then she said "Congratulations, you succeeded at your interview and we have decided to give you the job." Aaaah. I was over the moon. I am going to be a Health Care Assistant. Woohoo!!! It's going to take a while before I start though because of all the checks and all but at least I got the job offer. Yaaay!!!

P.S: The job I got is for the Cardiology ward and I heard back from the other one today. The offered me the job as well but I had to respectfully decline ;)


  1. Congrats! Glad to hear it's working out for you.

    1. Thank you so much. Fingers crossed it'll keep turning out great :D


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