Applying for medicine with a B in A level Biology/Chemistry (2015 entry)

N.B: All information about entry requirements where taken from the university websites on the dates mentioned.

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This post is going to be about applying for medicine with a B in A Level Biology or in some cases Chemistry. I know most universities do require you to have 3As including Biology and Chemistry but as of now, there are some universities which do not emphasize on you having Biology/Chemistry as one of the 3As.

St George's University London:

Academic requirements for MBBS5 as of 06/09/2014:
A Levels  or equivalent
A Levels
A level: AAA
AS level: 
B in a fourth subject
SubjectsA level: Three subjects to include Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology.
AS level: Four subjects to include Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology.
General Studies and Key Skills not accepted.
Mathematics and Further Mathematics (A level or AS level)  studied in combination can be considered.

Adjusted criteria
If your predicted/actual grades are between AABb and BBCb, your application will be considered in relation to the average A-Level point score per student at your school/college.
You must still meet an average A in the top eight subjects in GCSEs.
Please see our eligiblity flowchart here.
Check our eligible schools/colleges list for 2015 entry here.

I contacted SGUL med admissions to ask if my grades (As in Chem, Maths and Further Maths and B in Biology) were enough to meet their entry requirements and they said my grades were fine. They emphasised on the fact that they want 3As and even if you get a B in Chemistry/Biology, you will still be considered as long as you do both subjects.

The University of Sheffield:

Academic requirements for the A100 course as of 15/08/2014:

AS Level Requirements:
  • You should study four AS Levels.
  • Subjects must include Chemistry and one other science (Maths, Physics, Biology or Psychology)
  • You should achieve grades of at least ABBB in these subjects.  This requirement should have been met by the point of application, and declared on the UCAS form.
  • If AS Levels have not been certificated UMS scores will be required.
  • The four AS Levels should be studied for no longer than one year.
  • These four AS Level grades must all be obtained in the same sitting.
  • We do not accept AS Level resits or examinations taken early.
If you are not studying an AS/A Level syllabus, there is no equivalent requirement in alternative qualifications.
A Level Requirements:
  • Our offer for subjects taken at A Level is AAA to include Chemistry and one other science (Maths, Physics, Biology or Psychology).
  • The three A Levels should be studied for no longer than two years, must be passed on the first attempt and must all be taken in one sitting.
  • We are unable to consider A Level resits or examinations taken early.
  • Please note that A Level Critical Thinking and A Level General Studies do not count towards meeting our A Level requirement.
  • We will not consider A Level Further Mathematics for candidates who hold A Level Mathematics.
  • In some cases we may not be able to consider Modern Languages A Levels.  Please contact us for further information.
You just need to get As in Chemistry and one other science subject (it doesn't have to be Biology). Read about their other entry requirements here.

The University of Newcastle:

Academic requirements for the Medicine and Surgery MBBS Honours course as of 17/08/2014:

A Levels

AAA including Chemistry and/or Biology at A or AS level and excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking. If only one of Biology and/or Chemistry is offered at A or AS level, the other should be offered at GCSE grade A (or Dual Award Science grade A).
Once the academic criteria have been met, academic achievement is not considered further in subsequent parts of the application process. e.g additional A levels or A* results or additional GCSE results are not considered.
We would normally expect all applicants to have achieved their A Levels on their first attempt. Those who wish resits to be considered must provide information on the extenuating circumstances they wish to be considered. Supporting evidence must be provided from your school or GP.
More of their entry requirements here.
The University of Durham:

Same as University of Newcastle;

Keele University:

Academic requirements for the Medicine A100 course as of 17/08/14:

AS and A-levels required
Three A-level subjects are required. Of these, Chemistry or Biology is essential, plus one subject from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics, plus one further rigorous academic subject if only two sciences are offered. In addition a fourth AS-level at grade B or above is required. Maths with Further Maths or Biology/Human Biology with PE will not be accepted in combination at A level, although one may be accepted in lieu of the fourth AS-level if the other is achieved at A level. If Chemistry is not taken at A-level, it must be offered at a minimum of grade B at AS level. General Studies, Critical Thinking and applied subjects are not accepted. If only two sciences are offered, the science subject(s) not offered at AS/A-level is/are required at GCSE level, grade B or above.
Grades required
At Advanced Level (A2) we require A*AB/AAA from three A-Level subjects taken after two years of study.

View more of their entry requirements here.

The University of Aberdeen:

Academic requirements for the Medicine and Dentistry course as of 17/08/2014:

GCE (A-Levels)
To be considered: Achieve / be predicted to achieve AAA in three A-Levels taken together at first sitting over a maximum of two years of study.
  • Chemistry is required
  • One subject from Biology/Human Biology, Maths and Physics is required
  • One further A-Level in most other subjects. Check with Medical Admissions Office if in doubt about suitability of a subject
  • Combinations of Chemistry, Biology plus a Non-Science subject are as acceptable as all-science combinations
  • General Studies is not acceptable
Please Note:  Academic score is awarded on the basis of predicted/achieved A2 grades.
Read more about their entry requirements here.

The University of Dundee:

Academic requirements for the Medicine MBChB course as of 17/08/2014:

GCE A-LevelAAA grades at A level (A2), to include Chemistry and another Science. The third subject can be your own choice; we have no preference.  
These results should be obtained at one sitting and at the first attempt at A level examinations, two years after GCSE.  (Approx. 8% of candidates sitting 3 A Levels attain these grades).
Achievement at GCSE and AS level will also be taken into account.
Biology is required, at least to GCSE level.  General Studies at A level is not accepted.
More of their entry requirements found here.

The University of Leicester:

Academic entry requirements for the A100 course:

A/AS Levels

Normally four AS-level subjects in First Year, including Chemistry and Biology, excluding General Studies. Three GCE A-levels including Chemistry required, excluding General Studies.

Typical offer

Normally AAA from GCE A-levels, including Chemistry
More about their entry requirements here.

If there are any aspiring medics out there with non-A grades in Chemistry or Biology, your university choices might be restricted but it might also be worth taking a look at the entry requirements for these universities. It will help if you clarify from these unis by calling them up or emailing them just to make sure they will accept your grades.
Thanks for reading and wish you guys all the best.


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