More Filofax goodies!!!

Hi guys,

These are the other set of the goodies I got for my Filofax.

I got these hole re-inforcements from Annie's Paper Boutique. They come in so many other colours that can always match the colours in your Fillofax.

I used them on my dividers and this is how they look.

I also got these cloud and leaf stickies from eBay.

I got these pig stickies from eBay too. The seller was doing a "buy one get one free" sale. Aren't they just adorable?

Koala and bear family stickies were also from eBay.  I love these. They are so cute.

These stickers were given to me by the eBay seller as a gift.

I got these London stickers from Accesorize 50% off.
I really love these especially the sticky notes and I can't wait to use them in decorating my Filofax.


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