Medicine Application: My UKCAT results

Hey guys,

Results day is finally here. To all of you aspiring medics out there who got the necessary grades for med school, I just want to say a massive congrats to you all. And if at all there's any one out there who didn't get the grades, my advice would be not to give up if it is really what you want to do. Good luck in whatever you decide to do-whether it is to take the graduate entry route or to resit your A Levels and then apply.

OK, so to the main point of this post. I sat my UKCAT exam today at 12 pm and I just wanted to talk about how it went.

Before the exam:
After seeing all the scores on the UCKAT thread on The Student Room, I knew that somehow, they had made the UKCAT harder this year. In my mocks, Decision Analysis was my best section and Quantitative Reasoning my worst. I surprisingly did better in Abstract Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning in my mocks than in Quantitative Reasoning but I didn't dwell much on these because I knew anything could happen today.


So my average score today was 627.5.

Thoughts about the exam:

Verbal Reasoning: 
  • I didn't really get any surprises with VR. I got mostly the comprehension questions and only two sets of the T/F/CT questions. The questions were pretty much the same as those I had practised before. I have always struggled with VR so I wouldn't say I am surprised by my score. I'm just glad it wasn't below 500. My advice would be to just keep practising speed reading. 
Quantitative Reasoning:
  • I found the questions to be very much easier than the ones I had done before and very straight forward. The only thing is I ran out of time here or I probably would have gotten a much higher score. My advice for this section would be just to master the basic maths techniques and practise timing. They have increased the time for QR but you can still run out of time.
Abstract Reasoning:
  • I was hoping to do much better in this section so was a bit disappointed. The patterns weren't really obvious for most of them and I guessed quite a few I would say. My advice for AR will be just to practise as many questions as you can to be able to recognise the different patterns and hope for the best.
Decision Analysis:
  • This section was cruel. True there were no time restraints but the answers were very similar. Too similar that I had to waste some time trying to figure out which one is actually right and which one is not. I started by eliminating the ones that were obviously incorrect and then tried to find the correct answer from the two similar ones left. Compared to the other scores I've seen, I am content with my score in this section honestly. My advice would be to analyse your options carefully. Don't be too quick to click the next button. Make sure you look at all the options before choosing an answer.

What do I do now?:
So to be totally honest, I'm not really happy about the fact that my average this year is lower than last year's. If I had gotten this average last year, it probably wouldn't have been good enough. I am still going to try though. I have to think about my university choices now. I am still going to give it a shot. I don't see the point of giving up when I haven't actually applied. Hopefully, something good will come out of this.

Thanks for reading.


  1. :)

    Your UKCAT score is alight, remember with medicine applications they look at alot of stuff! Your work experience is looking amazing, if you personal statement shows this you will have a good chance. strategic with your 5th choice( consider a foundation year/bradfor clinical sciences....or a bio med course that allows transfers)

  2. Thank you very much for commenting.
    Yes I have been thinking about applying to one of the universities that do the transfer to medicine scheme. St George's biomed allows transfers into 3rd year of the medicine course and I have heard about Bradford too. I'm just hoping and trying to stay positive now.

  3. I know of plenty of people who managed to get in with scores around what you got, and trust me it's just down to getting the right application in :) apply to unis with a lower cut-off, potentially ones which focus more on personal statement. And maybe sit the BMAT? just to see? :) good luck xxx

    1. Thank you. Yeah I'm gonna have to look at those unis with a lower cut off. It's a bit more complicated than it seems but I'll try to apply as strategically as I can :)


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