The Fitness section of my Filofax.

Hey everyone

Today I just wanted to show you guys what I keep in the fitness section of my Filofax.

This is the divider I made for my Fitness section.

This is the "Weights and Measures" information sheet that came with the Saffiano. I couldn't find a better place to keep it than in my Fitness section.

Then I also have the " Clothing Size Equivalents" information sheet here too. I thought it was appropriate to keep it in this section.

Next is this card I made. The card itself came with some sticky notes I bought from eBay and I decided to write on there the 6 tips for healthy living which I found on Pinterest. It keeps me motivated. 

This is the back of the card.

Next is my weight tracker. I write down my weight from time to time to see the progress I've made. The green sheets are the Filofax coloured sheets that came with the Saffiano.

Next is my measurements. I plan on measuring once a month.

Next, I have my food journal. I made these inserts myself and I just use them to write down the number of calories I consume for each meal. I also draw in little hearts and fill them in to track the number of cups of water I drink everyday.

Next is my Exercise Tracker. I like writing down when I exercise just to see how often I do it.

I also have this card that was sent to me by Cancer Research UK after I ran the Race For Life. I like what it says so I decided to punch it and keep in my Filo.

This is the back with some information about how to spot cancer early.  I'm not too sure I like the way it sticks out of my Filo so I might trim it down.

Then I have written down a couple of workout challenges I got from Pinterest. I plan on doing these so I figured I'd keep them here.

These are the other workouts. 

Then I have my motivation page. Again I got this idea from Pinterest. If you search "Fitness quotes" on Pinterest, you'll find so many brilliant quotes as well as ideas to stay motivated. I just have a few quotes on here to keep me going.

Last but not the least is this page where I have my pounds count down. I have to admit that this page actually motivates me more than my "Motivation page". I love seeing how far I've come and how the finish line is not very far off. So I have my very realistic goals and non-food rewards.

So there you have it. My fitness section. I love having it in my Filo because I take my it almost everywhere so it is easily accessible. Anyone else find it useful having a fitness section in their Filofax?
Thanks for reading.

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