The Liebster Award #1

Hey guys,

So I'm really excited because I received two different emails from two very lovely ladies Sabina  who blogs over at and Simran who blogs over at They were both kind enough to nominate moi for the Liebster Award. Their blogs are amazing so you guys should check it out.

What's the Liebster Award I hear you ask?
Liebster is a German word which means beloved. It is an award given to up-and-coming bloggers by other bloggers in recognition of their efforts. It is a good way to discover new bloggers. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I was ever going to be nominated for a blog award so this is a very exciting experience.

The rules to accept the award

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you by linking back to them. You can also display the Liebster Award button on your blog if you want to. The button can be found in this post.
  • Answer the eleven questions that have been given to you by the blogger.
  • Nominate eleven blogs you think are deserving of the award (They need to have less than 200 followers)
  • Give nominees eleven questions of your choice to answer.
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them and leave a link to your nomination post.
  • You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
In my case, because I received two nominations, I will have to go with just one set of 11 questions and I'm going to choose Sabina's since she asked me first. Sorry Simran :(
Questions Sabina asked me:

  1. What is your go-to outfit for a casual day? This one was a bit easy. I would definitely have to go for tops/ t-shirts and jeans. 
  2. How tall are you? Haha I'll just have to come out and say it. I'm 5ft 2 and I love it :D
  3. What is your favourite colour? That would be Fuschia. Not pink. There are different types of pink so I'd like to think Fuschia is different. 
  4. Do you have any pets? If not, what pet would you keep? No I don't have any pets and I don't think I would like to keep any. I have nothing against keeping pets though. 
  5. What do you see looking out of the window right now? If I'm being totally honest,  right now, as I write this, it's not very pretty out there. It's raining and there are grey clouds everywhere. Typical UK weather.
  6. Which movie could you watch over and over and never get bored of? Ooh I've got two of them. Legally blonde and 13 Going on 30. Those movies are fantabulous. I love them.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? Ah this would have to be my thing for stationery, and Filofaxes. I could spend hours in a stationery shop or watching Filofax videos and not get bored. Call me a saddo but I'm sure there are others out there like me? No?
  8. How old were you when you first managed to reach the switch light (and turn it on)? Hmmm *Scratches head* I can't really remember, I don't know eerm 5??? Yes I would go with 5.
  9. What is the best prank you ever pulled off? To be perfectly honest, I have never really pulled a prank. *giggles*
  10. Would you rather have a room that is impossible to tidy, or one that it perfect but has a smell that never goes away? Hmmm I gotta admit this one is hard. I hate mess. I can't stand my room being untidy but then what kind of smell is it? I wouldn't mind a good smell in my perfectly tidy room :D
  11. What is number one on your wish list right now? *Quickly checks wishlist* That would be Linky's Stationery box or a new camera to take better blog photos. :D

So without further ado, the nominees are:

I hope it's alright that I didn't nominate up to 11 blogs :D

And finally, these are my eleven questions to you:

  1. What is your favourite music genre?
  2. If you had to choose one food to eat everyday, for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. What is the one place you definitely would like to visit if you had the chance?
  4. What is your all time favourite movie/film?
  5. Summer or Winter?
  6. Do you like flowers?
  7. Do you have a favourite quote? If so, what is it?
  8. What was your motivation to start blogging?
  9. What is your favourite snack/drink?
  10. What's your favourite sport?
  11. What would be your dream job?
Thank you once again Sabina and Simran for nominating me :D

P.S: I just wanted to say that this is not mandatory and you don't have to accept this if you don't want to. I won't be offended I promise :)
Have fun guys.


  1. Aww thankyou for nominating me! That's so sweet of you :) I'll get round to making a new blog post with the answers soon :) x

    1. You are most welcome :D
      Hope you have fun doing it :)


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