Managing my blog using my Filofax and technology.

Hello lovely people,

Today, I am going to be sharing with you how I currently manage my blog posts.

Divider for my blog section.

The sticky tabs I keep at the back of my dashboard are very useful in this section.

I use the blue Filofax notepaper that came with the Saffiano.

On the first sheet, I write down blog post ideas on the sticky tabs and keep them here. After I write up the blog posts, I strike them off or simply take the tabs off and replace them with new ones. So if I am on the bus for example and get an idea for a blog post, I just jot it down on a sticky tab and stick it on this page.

Next is a list of posts I am currently writing. I like writing them down to help me know which posts  I need to finish especially when the publish date is near.
I write a list of posts that are ready to go live with the dates next to them so I don't forget which posts I need to put up each week. Also, knowing the exact dates will help me to be able to know which posts to finish writing first so they will be ready in time.

I also use the S Planner app alongside my Filofax to help me organise my blog posts and I have to say this has really helped me a lot.
I use the monthly calender to mark the dates on which I'm going to publish a post. The picture shows how it looked like for the month of August. I tick them off as I go along.

When I click on the day, it tells me a new blog post needs to go up that day and I could even set a reminder.

This is the detailed view which tells me the title of the post that goes up on that day. 

I like using this app because I can plan posts many months in advance and right now I have planned the posts that are going to go up each week till the end of October.

Finally, I make sure I write down a reminder in my diary section so I don't forget to publish the posts.

I also have a page in my Filofax where I write down the stats for my blog. I record my total page views and number of followers from time to time. This might not be important for some people but it helps me to be able to find out which subjects my readers are most interested in plus I love seeing my numbers rise. It gives me motivation to keep blogging because I know that there are people out there reading my posts.

This is the system I have been using so far and it has worked pretty well for me. One thing I like about it is I don't have to keep buying paper all the time. If I do make a change, I will make an update in the future. Please comment if you have any other ideas about how to manage blog posts.

Thanks for reading.


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