Mini Collective Haul: Stationery and Hair Accessories

Hi guys,

I bought a few  things over the past couple of weeks taking advantage of the fact that the price of almost everything in stores are now reduced. So I have a mini collective haul for you today. 


I started out at WH Smith and got those cute white and blue sticky notes(£2.99), label makers(£1 ish) and a pocket notebook (£1.49). I plan on using the sticky notes in my journal and I wanted to try to relabel my filofax dividers so I bought the label makers. I got the notebook because I wanted to take notes during my induction/training for my healthcare assistant job. It has helped a lot now that I have started the job because I found out that I would have to jot down important things during my shift so having a pocket notebook in hand is extremely useful.

Then I went to Ryman and got butterfly and flower stickers (£1.09 each). I also got the glue which looks like correcting fluid. I had seen so many YouTubers use them to decorate their filofax pages so I starting looking for it and I finally found it in Ryman :) It was a bit over £2.

I went to Sainsbury's and I saw these heart and flower stickers and I couldn't not walk out of there without buying them because I thought they were so pretty plus, they were only £1 each.

I also got these magnetic page markers from a website called One thing I really love about these page markers is the fact that they have bible verses on  them and these are some of my favourite bible verses. I have been using paper clips to mark my pages but I wanted to try magnetic page markers as they won't slide as much as the paper clips. I got these for a little over £4 (postage and packaging included)

Then I got a purple plain Leuchturm1917 notebook from Ryman. I absolutely love the colour and the paper quality is quite good. I had heard so many things about the Moleskine paper quality being too low and so I decided to go for this one. They are £13.50 in the store bit  I paid £10 online and chose free delivery to the store. I plan on using it as a Faith notebook or prayer journal. 

Hair accessories:

I also got a few hair accessories. I am trying to keep healthy relaxed hair as I don't want to rely a lot on braids and weaves so I have started on my hair journey (as cheesy as that sounds). There will be more detailed posts in the future.
First thing I tried to get was a wide-toothed comb  as the biggest one we had at home still hurt when I used it to comb my hair. I got this one from Boots for £1.49. Its still as big as some I've seen but I had to start from somewhere. Then I also got some hair clips (£1.50) and bobby pins(£1) from Tesco. I know it says the hair clips are for kids but I got them anyway because I like them :)

Finally, I got another 2 sets of hair bands (£1 each) and more clips (£1.50) from Tesco.  I don't think one could have too many hair bands or clips.
Thanks for reading.


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