My first day as a Healthcare Assistant

*I started writing this post yesterday but after work, I was too tired to finish writing so I couldn't post it. I can't be bothered to edit the post so please read as if it went live yesterday :) *

Hi guys,

Just got back from my very first 12 hour shift and so I thought I would get this out of the way before I forget about what I want to write about.

So I woke up really early this  morning (5:30 am) because I wanted to take the earliest train I could possibly get just because I didn't want to be late on my first day. The trains weren't delayed so I was able to get to the hospital on time.

I got to the ward and I introduced myself to one of the nurses I saw. I told her it was my first shift and she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee so I went ahead and made myself a cup of tea and we then we headed to the office. I wasn't expecting to see anyone in there so I was taken by surprise when I walked in and saw all the other HCAs and nurses seated in the room. Then I realised it was time for the night staff to handover to the day staff.

I was handed a booklet with necessary information I needed to know about all the patients that were presently in the ward.  I looked around and noticed everyone had one of the booklets too. Then the nurse started going through some information about what happened during the night shift and issues we needed to be concerned about. It was an awkward 15-20 mins because everyone else was writing God knows what and I didn't even have a pen so I just sat there staring at the paper and pretending to understand what was going on :(

Finally, I was handed over to my "mentor" for the day. She was very nice and I learnt a lot from her today. I got to do patient obs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate etc), helped during meal times and with everything else basically. The patients were lovely. There were awkward moments when I was left alone because I couldn't literally follow my mentor everywhere and I had a chat with some of the patients. One of them asked "Is this your first day?" and I said yes. Then she said "I can tell. You look nervous. Don't worry about it. You've got the best ward." I kept on repeating that to myself the throughout the day and it actually helped :D The other HCAs and nursing staff were really nice too. I liked the fact that I wasn't just thrown into the deep end and everyone was willing to help.

Overall, it wasn't too bad but my feet are killing me. I've had to stand for most of the day and even though I had two half hour breaks, it feels as if I've been on my feet for 24 hours. I really do hope I will get used to it and not feel so tired after because almost all my shifts are 12 hour shifts.

The only thing consoling me now is the fact that I'm not going to work tomorrow so I'm going to rest and start all over again on Wednesday and then the same thing on Friday.
I'll leave you guys now and go to bed.
Thanks for reading.


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