Medicine Application: My university choices and why

Hey guys,

This post is going to be about the universities I have chosen to apply to for 2015 entry and why. My case is not as straightforward as most others. I have three issues that are hindering my medicine application.

  1. I got a B in A Level Biology: If you have seen my stats in the "My Medicine Story" section, you may have noticed that I got AAAB in my A Levels and unfortunately, that B was in Biology-which was my favourite. It's not completely terrible but it does put me at a disadvantage as I can only apply to the universities that don't say "As in both Biology and Chemistry". A list of this unis are found in this post which I put up a few weeks back.
  2. I got As in Maths and Further Maths: Ok I know this doesn't sound like a problem but actually it is. Most medical schools won't consider Maths and F. Maths as two separate subjects and so my As in Chemistry, Maths and F. Maths would just be 2As in their eyes. This further reduces the number of universities I can apply to. It's in times like this that I regret not dropping Further Maths in the first place. 
  3. My UKCAT score: I have an average of 627.5 and I have no idea if that will be enough for the universities but I am still going to try anyway. 
These were the reasons why I applied to SGUL, Sheffield, Aberdeen and Dundee last year. However, I just found out this year that Sheffield has changed their academic entry requirements and will not be considering Maths and F. Maths as two separate subjects for 2015 entry.

Below is a list of the unis I could have applied to with my grades and I've cancelled the ones that I can't apply to now.

St George's

As you can probably see, things are pretty much worse than last year because
  • I can't apply to BMAT universities because I don't meet their academic requirements.
  • I can't even apply to some of the universities that will accept my grades because of my UKCAT.
Taking all these into consideration, my university choices are
  • St George's University London- Medicine (A100)
  • University of Dundee- Medicine (A100)
  • The University of Aberdeen- Medicine (A100)
  • St George's University London- Biomedical Science
  • The University of Bradford- Clinical Sciences/Medicine Foundation (Year 0)
So those are the unis and courses I am going to be applying for. SGUL give you an opportunity to transfer into third year of the 5 year medicine course if you meet certain requirements and there is also an opportunity to transfer to Leeds medical school from the Clinical Science course at Bradford. I am preparing myself to expect any outcome from this application and no matter what happens, I will accept it but I am still hoping for the best.
Thanks for reading.


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