my week #36

This week, I started my induction as a healthcare assistant. We covered a number of topics over the period of five days such as Mental Health Capacity, Infection Control, CPR, Palliative Care, Fraud, Moving and Handling and so many others.

My Week #36 in my Filofax

Most of the topics were interesting but because there were too many of them, they were kinda hard to take in. I'll be surprised if I can still remember half of it when I start.
And speaking of starting, my first shift is tomorrow at 7 a.m. It is a twelve hour shift so I will be finishing at 7pm. I am so nervous and I am excited as well. I just want to make a good first impression. I'm hoping it won't be too overwhelming so I'm keeping calm. Whoever reads this, please pray for me.

Hope you guys had a good week.
Thanks for stopping by.


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