Medicine Application: Updating my personal statement

Hi guys,

I had promised in a previous post that I was going to write about updating my medicine personal statement so here it is. 
Before I go into what I've done with my personal statement so far this year, I would like to write a bit about my previous personal statements.

Before I applied in 2012, I had not carried out any healthcare related work experience at all. The only experience I had was the volunteering I did at a Summer school in the summer of 2012 and I would have to admit that I didn't have a lot to write about. I talked about my A Levels and why I chose them (as in how they would help me in a medical career). I talked about my volunteering and I also mentioned that I was going to carry out hospital work experience in October 2012 (after I had applied). Overall, now that I think about it, I would say my first personal statement was very very weak. My whole application in general was really weak- hence, the 4 pre-interview rejections.

My second personal statement was a lot better. I was able to write about that hospital work experience and the Summer School and Charity Shop volunteering. I made sure to focus on what I learnt and the skills I developed which helped a lot. I applied to Sheffield (personal statement heavy uni) last year and after scoring my personal statement, they decided to give me a Biomedical Science offer because they thought my personal statement was not good enough for an interview but it was not horrible enough to get a straight rejection either. So I'll take that as it wasn't too bad but it could have been better.

This year, I have been debating a lot about whether to start from scratch or to just add some bits and edit my personal statement. The second time, I started from scratch because my first ps was rubbish. This time however, I felt it would be best if I just add to my last personal statement to make it better rather than start from scratch. The most important thing would be to add my new experiences- working in a nursing home and hospital. Then I might twist some other bits around, delete some parts as well to make it flow better. I  started work on it last week and I have edited out a lot that it almost feels as if I have started from scratch. My main aim is to get it done within the next two weeks so I can get my teachers at College (who are still willing to help) to look at it. I have also been wanting to use the TSR PS help service but it seems to have been closed down temporarily.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I will post updates about how I get on with my personal statement.
Thanks for reading.


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