Review: Filofax Mini Metropol

Hey guys,
For a while now I have  wanted to try out a Filofax as a wallet and I have been trying to decide whether to get a pocket or mini Filo.

I went into my local Ryman shop the other day and they had a clearance sale with loads of pocket and mini Filofaxes for £10. They had pocket Swifts, pocket purple Songbirds, mini Dominos in ultraviolet and a mini Metropol in deep pink which were all for £10. I wasnt really crazy about the Swift or Songbird so thought I would get the Metropol and test it out as a wallet. 

It was in the original Filofax box.

I really do love the colour and I think that was one of the main reasons why I bought it. I also love how nice and soft the material feels and also how it fits in my hand perfectly. However, it looks as if it's going to be very easy to get scratches or marks on it as I could already see a few white marks on the inside. I love the snap closure.

It has 4 card slots at the front and another vertical pocket which wouldn't be enough for me. I tested out the card slots and they seem to be pretty tight. Might end up putting only 2 cards at the front because it would be much easier to take them out.
It has five rings which are fine and don't have any gaps. It came with the 2014 and 2015 year to view inserts, A-Z laminated dividers, WO2P inserts, personal information inserts, contact details inserts and also some lined notepaper.

It has a mesh pocket at the back which I love. I would have preferred an elastic pen loop but I'll take this one :)

I also like the fact that it's got the opening at the top like a wallet. It doesn't lay flat yet as it is still a bit stiff so might take a little training before it does.

There it is on top of my aqua personal Saffiano.

I am really excited about using this as my wallet because its just  and I have been trying to find inspiration from the internet about how to set it up and when I do I will put up another post about my set up.
Thanks for stopping by.


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