My Filofax Pros and Cons

Hello lovely people,

*First of all, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my lovely readers. I love reading your comments so please keep them coming.*

 I have been using a Filofax for over four months now I thought I would do a quick post about what I like and don't like about using a Filofax.

  • Makes my life more organised: Using a Filofax these past couple of weeks has really helped me to stay on top of things. I find that writing to-do lists and reminders and appointments in my Filofax has been the best way to plan and get everything done. 
  • No battery life: With my Filo, I don't have worry about battery life and it does not need charging all the time to get it to work. I can use it whenever I want and however I want because it is my planner.
  • I can make use of cute stationery: As a stationery addict, I love the fact that I get to use really cute stationery like sticky notes, stickers and washi tape which really makes my planner pages look pretty.
  • Brings out the creativity in me: I have learnt to be more creative especially with decorating my dividers and diary pages. I am not a very creative person but I have been inspired by others and now I have discovered the creative side of me.
  • I can use my own inserts: If you don't like the layout of the Filofax inserts, you can always make your own or better still print off inserts online for free. You can totally get what suits you best which is great.

  • Make a set up that suits my needs: Filofaxes can be very easily customised. You can always set it up the way you want, change the set up whenever you want and remove and add things to it anytime you want. 
  • Keeps everything in one place-lists, receipts etc: You can also keep loose paper (receipts, money, notepaper) in pockets or envelopes and it helps keep everything together in one place and makes them easily accessible.
  • The rings: Maybe this is not a problem for everyone especially those with A5 size planners but the rings get in the way when I am writing especially in my notes section. I know I can always take the paper out, write on it and put it back in but I just would have preferred not to go through the trouble of opening and closing the rings every time I want to write. This isn't much of a problem though I can definitely put up with it.
  • Carrying it around: I really love the personal size and I think it suits my needs best but it tends to be a bit bulky and a little difficult to carry around. I don't usually stuff my planner and I only carry what I need. Recently, I took out all the old empty inserts and some of thr information pages and my planner seems to be much lighter now.
  • Small pen loop: I don't like the Saffiano pen loop. it's really small and most of my pens don't even fit in it. I would have loved for it to be expandable or an elastic pen-loop so I can fit my bigger pens in.
Despite the fact that I get some trouble using a Filofax, I still love it. I am very glad I bought it and I am looking forward to what the future holds regarding planners and me. 
Thanks for reading.


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