My Week #41

My Week#41 in my Filofax
This week, I had another night shift on Tuesday and it wasn't too bad. I generally prefer night shifts in terms of the general calm atmosphere than during the day and also because the time goes by really fast. I generally feel really tired the next day though and I hope my body will soon get used to staying up all night and sleeping for a few hours during the day.

Another exciting thing that happened this week is I spotted a Filofax in the wild :D. I know this might sound really weird but I have never actually seen someone who actually owns a Filofax in real life. During my day shift on Friday, I saw something that seemed to me like a Filofax on the table in the office. Judging from the stethoscope that was next to it, I would assume it belonged to one of the doctors who was in the room at the time. It was a personal size and it looked exactly like the Filofax Peru but all black and no patterns. I don't know if it's still the Peru or another brand.

Filofax Peru

Being the planner geek that I am, I wandered around that area for a while trying to make sure it was actually a Filofax because it was closed and tried to find out what brand it was. I finally saw the rings and all doubts flew away and my reaction was *Gasp* "Oh My God. It's actually a Filofax." Surely I really didn't want to go in there and start staring at it and taking pictures or better still ask that doctor to marry me or whatnot. They probably would have just thought I was cray cray.
Anyway, I hope you guys don't think I'm crazy or anything because truly I am not. :D

Thanks for reading. Hope you guys are well.


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