My Week #42

My Week #42 in my Filofax

This week, I finally sent off my UCAS application and I have now received confirmation from two out of the four unis I applied to. I also had two night shifts which were a bit exhausting but I survived.
UCAS Medicine Deadline

The UKCAT national average was released on Monday as testing ended on the 8th of this month. It turned out to be 2505 which is 626.25 average. I was really surprised when I found out as I didn't really think it was going to go down that low especially after seeing the preliminary scores that had been posted a few weeks ago. I'm still hoping for the best :)

Coin purse- Claire's, Letter stickers and Pritt glue- Ryman.
I also bought a few bits during the week. My favourite is the coin purse. It's so pretty :D
Hope you guys are well and had a good week.

Thanks for reading.


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