My Week #43

This week, I noticed some shops have already put up Christmas lights, trees, cards and other things for sale. This is a sign that 2014 is almost over.
My Week #43 in my Filofax.
For the Brits, I guess it's never too early to start planning for Christmas. Is there anyone who has already started planning? I know I've bought one present already but that's about it haha.

I also got a letter from the university of Aberdeen in the post confirming that they had received my medicine application. This would be my second letter from Scotland :D

Application Confirmation letter from University of Aberdeen
Work hasn't been too bad. On Friday though, one of the healthcare assistants called in sick and it was just me and one other hca that had to carry on. It was a bit stressful but we did get a lot of help from the nurses and I couldn't wait to go home that day.

Hope you guys had a good week.
Thanks for stopping by.

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