The Planner Addict Tag

Hey guys,

So the lovely YouTuber called MyPlanner created the "Planner Addict Tag" and so I thought I would join in the fun before all the excitement fades away. Her original video is found below.

And here are questions and my answers.
  1. What planner are you currently using? I'm currently using the Filofax personal Saffiano as my main planner and a mini Metropol as my wallet
  2. What planner(s) have given you planner peace? I have only used the Saffiano as my main planner and I would say that so far, I have found planner peace. I can customise and use it 
  3. Filofax, Midori or Erin Condren? Filofax all the way. Mostly because most of them are much cheaper and I don't think the others will work well for me.
  4. Pocket, personal, A5 or binder? I prefer a personal for my main planner. The pocket is too small and A5 is too bulky for me.
  5. Where do you get inspired the most? YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest? Blogs would definitely be the first place I get my inspiration from. I also watch loads of YouTube videos and sometimes go on Pinterest but I don't have an Instagram account.
  6. What's your go to pen? I am not too fussy about the pens I use in writing in my Filofax but the ones I go to the most are my zebra and staedtler triplus fineliner pens.
  7. What are your favourite inserts? Even though the Filofax inserts are not of the best quality, I like the layout and I also use the Philofaxy month-on-two pages inserts.
  8. Stickers, post-its or page flags? Post-its and page flags all the way. I can survive without stickers :)
  9. Keep it simple or deck it out? Simple doesn't really work for me. I like to see some colour but I try not to overdo it and make it go all over the place.
  10. How many sections do you have in your planner? I currently have 6 sections in my planner. Diary, Lists, Finance, Blog, Fitness and Notes. 
  11. Do you use your planner for school? I am currently on a gap year so I don't go to school but I can't wait to use a planner for university next year.
  12. Rings, spiral bound, discbound or other? Why? Definitely rings. Mainly because I can just add and take stuff out, it is very easily customisable and it works well for me.
  13. Do you use a dashboard? How? I have a very pretty dashboard I made myself but I don't put anything on it. I just like it being the first thing I see when I open my planner. I do however keep page flags at the back which I use in my blog section.

So guys those were my answers to the questions. It is a very fun tag I have to admit so I tag all my fellow planner addicts out there and lovely readers. Please leave a link to your blog posts and videos as well if you decide to do it.
Thanks for stopping by.


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