DIY Filofax Pocket/Envelope

Hey people,

Today I wanted to show you guys how I made the pocket/envelope which I use in my mini Metropol. It is nothing fancy or complicated so I thought I would share this with you.

First you would need some kind of paper. I used some pink cardboard paper but you could use scrapbook paper or any other kind of paper you like. You would also need a pair of scissors, washi tape or glue, a ruler, hole puncher, a pen and a spare filofax  paper to use as a template.

Using the ruler, pen and Filofax paper as a template, draw out a rectangle on the cardboard paper. Move the Filofax paper along to the edge of the first rectangle and draw out another rectangle. Then cut it out using the scissors.

When you cut it out, it shoul look like this and you should be able to fold it in half.

Cut out a section of the paper from one side. How low you make the cut is entirely up to you.

Use washi tape to secure the edges. You don't have to use washi tape if you don't want to and you can use glue instead. The reason I used washi was because it made it prettier. 

Using the Filofax paper again as a template, place it ontop of the envelope and holepunch it. I use the single hole punch because it's easier to just use the holes on the actual Filofax paper and hole punch. 

Just to protect the holes, I added some hole re-inforcement stickers

The finished product looked like this.

The envelope I made was for my mini Filofax but this method would work just fine for any size Filofax as long as you use the right size paper as a template.
If you prefer a closed envelope than the top opening envelope, you can add a cover at the top or just fold out the top half to cover it up. You could even go for the slanted envelopes if you prefer them.

Closed envelope

Slanted envelope

You can design it the way you want and get as creative as you want. Just something cute in your planner to keep receipts,  vouchers and other loose bits. Hope you found this tutorial helpful somehow.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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