Mini Metropol Set Up As A Wallet/Purse

N.B: Too many photos alert!!!

Hey guys,

I have finished setting up my raspberry mini Metropol which I reviewed here. I now use it as a wallet and I thought I would give you guys a walk through.

The main reason I switched from the purse I used before to the mini filofax was because my ex was really bulky and I wanted to save me the stress of carrying it around.

The mini is the perfect size for me and really light.

It is no way near as bulky as my ex and I am really loving it.

So this is the first thing you see when you open it up. I put my credit card and WH Smith gift card in the front pockets. I couldn't put any more than two because the pockets are too tight. I also have a magnetic bookmark with one of my favourite bible verses. Then I have my dashboard which is just a project life card I clipped to the flyleaf. I haven't labelled the dividers yet but I will soon.

Behind my dashboard are my cards. I don't have too many. This one is my hospital library card. I couldn't find any mini card slots so I got the pocket size ones, cut the single ones out, glued a piece of paper to the ends, hole punched them and put them in. I should have glued the paper to the other side so I would be able to slide the cards from the inside but I guess it's too late now. Anyone have any other DIY mini card slot ideas, please feel free to comment.

More cards.

And one more card.

First section is for my lists. I also used a project life card to make the divider.

I keep my grocery lists here.

And also other lists for different shops.

Second section is for my notes. Divider was also made using a project life card.

Next is a pocket/envelope I made just to keep my receipts in.

Then probably the cutest part of this wallet which is the coin purse. I got it from Claire's and I created holes and put it in my filo. It works really well and is not too bulky.

And last but not the least is the mesh pocket at the back where I keep vouchers.

There is also an opening at the top here just like a wallet and this is where I keep my cash.

So there you have it. My wallet which I absolutely love and hope I get to use it for a long time.

Check out the video for the set up below.

Thanks for reading.


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