My Inspiration: Be Yourself

It's really been long since I did one of these posts so I thought I'd do one. I found this picture online the other day and I couldn't help but share it because it just says so much.

We live in a world where everyone will always have an opinion or something to say about what we say, what we do, the decisions we take or how we generally live our lives. Sometimes, we tend to take all these various opinions being thrown at us to heart simply because we generally like pleasing others or because we are not strong enough to take a stand and fight for what makes us happy.

Everyone in life has a journey and even though we are walking through the same field, we are taking different paths and most of us have different destinations, therefore we have different experiences and different ways in which we react or deal with them.
We often find ourselves in situations involving a lot of "He said", "She said","They said". But maybe now its time to ask "What do you say?" It's your dream, your choice, your time, your life so don't miss it. You can have people around you to support you and encourage you in your journey but you alone will cross the finish line.

The ball is in your court. Keep hold of it and never let anyone take control because it belongs to you. Be yourself.

I hope the post wasn't too rambly and I have at least gotten the message across.
Thanks for reading.

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