My Week #45

This week I had three straight night shifts which really tired me out.
My Week #45 in my Filofax
This was the first time I actually worked three nights in a row and it is really tough but I'm still recovering from them.

It was Guy Fawke's Night/Bonfire Night on Wednesday night and there has been fireworks every single day this week. I have never actually gone to one of those events but I would really love to go to one. So far, I have only enjoyed looking at the fireworks from my bedroom window. I tried taking a picture but I failed many times so I just got a random picture of fireworks from the internet.

Bonfire Night in London
Image Source
In other news, I went to 99p stores the other day and I couldn't resist getting myself another set of stickers especially for such a price.

Stickers-2 packs for 99pence
How has your week been guys?

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