My Week #46

This week. I had my last three shifts before my annual leave.
My Week #46
Yeah that's right guys. Starting from tomorrow, I will be on annual leave till the 30th of November. Two weeks of relaxing and taking a break. I think its time to get my Christmas shopping rolling.

I went into TK Maxx the other day and was really surprised to see loads of Filofaxes there for such amazing prices. The pocket and mini Maldens were on sale for only £29.99. There were so many others like the Apex, Domino, Classic, Metropol, Ashton, Finsbury, Sketch and many others. If you have a TK Maxx near you, maybe you should check out their stationery section.
Filofax Sale at TK Maxx
I also saw this gorgeous Christmas tree in Tesco. It's that time of year again.
Christmas tree in Tesco
Finally, I only realised yesterday that I have been blogging for just a bit over 6 months now. I can't even believe it's been that long. I am very grateful for all of you lovely people out there who have stuck with me throughout and even for the new followers. Thank you for reading and commenting. I have learnt so much these past months and met so many amazing people. I know my blogging skills are still not up to par but I think I am getting there slowly but surely and all my lovely readers motivate me a lot. Hope I'm not boring you guys and that even though the quality of the photos is appalling, it's still bearable. I will get a camera in the future, I solemnly promise. I'm looking forward to many more months with you guys.
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Thanks for reading.

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