Review: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Hey everyone,

Today, I wanted to review one of my favourite pens that I have been using in my diary pages for a while now. They are the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens which I bought a few months ago from Tesco. They are normally sold for £7.99 in Tesco but I managed to get the pack for almost half the price. You can always find them on Amazon or eBay for cheaper.

The pack I got was the one with 10 pens but I have seen other packs with more pens.

The pack or case the pens came in is really sturdy and hold the pens in well. When the pens are in use, you could always place the pack next to you as shown in the picture above which makes the pens easier to take out.

The pack comes in a range of colours including yellow, pink, orange, blue, light blue, green, light green, brown and black. 

The pens have very fine nibs which is also another thing I love about them.

I tested the pens on both normal A4 printer paper (left) and Filofax paper (right). 

And on the back of both papers, the ink did bleed through but not as much on the A4 printer paper. You would have to bear in mind that I do press down a lot on my pens when I am writing so the bleed might not be as much for those who don't press down too hard. 

  • Lightweight pens and easy to hold and write with.
  • Very affordable.
  • Come in a quite a range of colours.
  • Ink flows really well and writes thinly on the paper.
  • Colours really brighten up the pages.

  • Would have preferred a bit more colours in this 10 pack especially the colour purple. Maybe I should upgrade to the 20 pack with the colour purple.
  • The ink bleeds through if you are using light paper like the normal Filofax paper but the bleed becomes barely noticeable on thicker paper.
  • Maybe it's just me, but I find that because the pens are so thin and don't have any leather area for a good grip, they become difficult to write with for long periods of time as my fingers just slide to the bottom and I have to keep adjusting them. Again, it could just be the way I write or hold my pens.

While I was at college, I loved using coloured pens to make spider diagrams, mind maps, flow charts and flash cards. If there are any students out there who love using colour pens, I would totally recommend these pens. They will be perfect for making revision notes as they add a lot of colour to the pages.

Thanks for reading

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