DIY Washi Tape Sample Cards

Hey guys,

Today I am going to be sharing how I made some of my washi tape sample cards. 

I used the dividers that came with my mini Metropol. I didnt have any use for them so I thought I would recycle them. Alternatively, you can use any kind of thick paper. As long as you are able to laminate them for durability. 

You are also going to need a pen, a pair of scissors and an actual washi tape sample card to use as a template. 

Place the washi tape card on top of the paper and use the pen to trace around it. 

Use the pair of scissors to cut out the card. How big or small it turns out to be depends entirely on you.

All dividers cut. At this point, if you have a laminator, you might want to laminate them for durability but these dividers I used were fine.

I love carrying washi tape now on the go in my planner and my journal. I think it comes in handy when trying to decorate pages quickly so I don't have to keep going to my stash.
Do you guys carry washi tape on the go?
Thanks for stopping by.

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