Medicine Application: SGUL UKCAT Cut-off

Hey guys,

I am so sorry for not keeping you guys updated about my medicine application. I have been wanting to write this post for a while but for some reason I kept finding a good reason not to.
As some of you may know, I sent off my medicine application to universities back  in October and so I just wanted to give you guys an update on my application. To see my university choices and why, check out this post.

I received an email from St George's University London-which was my first choice, about the UKCAT (admissions test) cut off Unfortunately, I didn't meet the cut off for the 5 year medicine course for 2015 entry. The cut off score was 2550 (637.5 average) and my score was 2510 (627.5 average). So as a result, they will not be proceeding further with my application.

I haven't heard anything yet from Aberdeen, Dundee and Bradford. I also haven't heard anything from St George's Biomedical Sciences so I guess I still have a bit of waiting to do. I know the deadline for other courses is the 15th of January so maybe that is why the universities are taking a while to get back. If I hear anything, I promise I will update you guys earlier.

Thanks for stopping by.

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