The Best Of The Year 2014

Hey guys,

I can't even believe 2014 is already over. It's crazy. It seemed like yesterday we were in January. This year has been a roller coaster ride for me. It has had both it's good and bad moments but I think I have learnt to stay strong through all of it. I believe that all the not-so-good things that happened this year all made me stronger as a person and so I will dwell on the positives.

We had a brilliant summer, turned 18, did the race for life to support cancer research, supported Cameroon and African teams during the World Cup and prepared for the UKCAT exam.

Went to London, got a Filofax, started working in the hospital as a healthcare assistant and had a great Christmas.

  • Social life:
Being on a gap year kinda had a bit of an impact on my social life at the beginning simply because all of my friends were at uni for most of the year and I had to stay at home. I think sometimes it can get a bit frustrating but all this changed a bit when I started working. Getting the job in the hospital is probably one of the best things that happened to me this year. I can't begin to stress about all the amazing people I've met and the friendships I've built. I wouldn't have asked for a better work family. It helps a lot to know there are always like minded people who understand you and are there to help. I also got to meet really amazing people at church-some of which I have gotten close to. I wouldn't also forget about the amazing people I've met through social media. It has been a year of great friendships.

  • Becoming healthy:
Another one of the best decisions I took this year was to become healthy. I had tried shedding off those extra pounds before and for some reason, I just kept giving up.

I tried a couple more times and then I finally convinced myself I couldn't do it when it didnt seem to work.

I finally got to that point where I was fed up and I said "enough is enough". I was greatly inspired by a transformation contest on The Student Room and I decided to start losing weight too. By sticking to healthy food and doing my home workouts, I have been able to lose over 30 pounds this year plus 6 inches of waist. Most importantly,  I inspired my mum and brother to become healthy. It's just an amazing feeling.

  • Stationery, planners and organisation:
If someone had told me in January that I would be a planner geek by the end of the year, I would have laughed really hard at how crazy they would have sounded. Truth of the matter is, I am a planner geek now and to be honest, I am proud of it.

A fee months ago, I had no idea what a Filofax was and now I own two of them. And counting. 

My love for planning also brought about my obsession for stationery which in a way has helped made my planning more effective. So 2014 was the year I became more organised.

  • Becoming an adult:
As some of you may already know, I turned 18 in May this year and that idea of me officially becoming an "adult" kinda had an impact on me this year.

Not that I was immature or irresponsible before but I just felt compelled to act more responsibly, taking care of myself and my siblings. Being the eldest is kinda tough and I want to be the kind of person my siblings would look up to.

  • Gaining confidence and stepping out of my comfort zone:
I am normally a very shy person and one of those people who would rather follow the crowd and stay at the back. However, I think the year 2014 boosted my confidence a little.

After turning 18, I decided I was going to try to get out of my comfort zone and try things I wouldn't normally do. 

My journey to a healthy lifestyle also sparked my interest in running-which I still do often, so I decided to do the race for life back in June-something I never imagined myself doing before. This might not seem like a big deal to many but the whole experience helped me realise that I can actually do things I set my heart on.

  • My relationship with God:
I faced many challenges this year regarding my faith and relationship with God but above all, I am still thankful because I am overcoming these and I know I will get there sooner or later. I know my journey with God is not yet over as I am only beginning and so I am really hoping that I will build a much stronger relationship in the new year 2015.
  • Family:
Being at home very often and around my family has really helped strengthen our relationship. I love spending time with them and I feel really blessed to have such amazing people who care so much. I really can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to feel next year if I have to leave them for uni.
  • Blog:
Last, but not the least, I am very thankful for starting this blog. I hesitated quite a bit before publishing my first blog post because I wasn't too sure about social media but I am glad I did.

Over the past couple of months, I have met so many amazing people through this blog and I personally think that it has helped me grow so much as a person. Thank you once again to everyone of you for your support and for reading my posts. You guys are one of the reasons why I keep going. Thank you for making my year special.

I know this was probably a very long post but I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for stopping by. If anyone has any 2014 highlights, please leave a comment down below. I would love to know. I will speak to you all soon. In the new year.  Eeeek.

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