Using The Month Per Page Filofax Inserts

Hey guys,

When I bought my Filofax back in June, I had planned on using the month on 2 pages inserts from Philofaxy to help with my monthly planning. I printed out a couple of pages but ended up barely even using them. When I got my job at the hospital, I realised that I needed month at a glance inserts so I could record my shifts for work.
I felt the month on 2 pages where a too much for me and found them a bit difficult to use and so I decided to try out the month per page inserts instead.

Month per page inserts. November(Right) and December (left)

I decided to do some minimum decorating and just used some cupcake washi tape and a cupcake sticker I found just to add some colour. Then I wrote in the various tasks and/or events that were going to take place or be carried out during that month.

This is my current month- December and you can see that I used some Christmas washi tape and stickers in decorating.

I use a colour coding system. I wrote about colour coding in this post a few months back and I am still using the same system.
Red - Events
Blue- Blog
Green- Workouts
Pink- Work

I also use a key as shown in the picture above because there isn't enough space so I have to use less words.
LD- Long day shifts
N- Night shifts
BP- Scheduled blog post.
PD- Pay day
BD- Birthday (normally, I would write the name of the person too.)

I have used this system for two months now and it has worked great for me. I definitely prefer this layout to the month on 2 pages layout.
Do you guys use monthly page inserts in your planner?

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