Friday, 30 January 2015

Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #1

*New Blog Series*

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you something I started doing this new year. If you read the post about my 2015 goals, then you might have noticed that I mentioned I wanted to start Scripture Journalling this new year. As one of the ways of building my relationship with God, I wanted a way to get to know the scriptures more and I stumbled upon a lovely lady on YouTube known as Maymay and she started this journey into journalling where each week of the year 2015, she would have a verse to meditate on and memorise and write it down in her Scripture Art Journal. I decided to join in this journey because I love journalling. I'm not a very arty person but I'm still learning. I have absolutely enjoyed doing this especially meeting and having a look at others' journals on the Facebook group.

I decided to use this notebook I got for Christmas as my Scripture Art Journal.

I decorated the front of it to suit my needs.

This is what you see when you open it up. I like to call it my dashboard.

I had to write down my goals or what I was hoping to achieve by getting involved in this journey.

This is the verse for week 1.

I like writing loads of other bible verses after that relate to the verse of the week.  

Week 2.
 This is one of my favourite bible verses and so I really loved doing it. I even have a magnetic clip in my Filofax with this verse on it :)

Week 3

Week 4

So this is a new blog series that will run throughout the year. At the end of each month, I will show you guys the bible verses that were for each week of the month. I really love doing this and I hope you guys enjoy having a look into my Scripture Art Journal.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Inside My Blog Planner

Hey everyone,

Today, I wanted to share with you my new blog planning system for 2015. I used to use my Filofax for blog planning and you can read all about that in this post. I have changed my system this year not because the old one wasn't working for me but just because I felt like trying something new and seeing how I do. You can read about my old system here.

So instead of using a ringed binder, I went for this spiral bound notebook which I won in a giveaway.

I have six sections in this planner and I just used sticky tabs to mark the beginning of the next section.

Here's my dashboard, or what you see when you first open it up.
First section is "Blog Info". I just wrote down all the information about my blog, what it is about basically and other important information.

Next section is "Blogging Goals" which is pretty self explanatory.

Next section is "Post Ideas".  I have a pretty long list of  post ideas and I am working my way through them. When I finish working on a post, I tick it off on this list.

Next section is "Posts in Progress". If I have started working on a post, I write it down in this section and then tick it off when I complete it. This helps me to know which posts I still need to complete when I lose track.

Next section is "Scheduled Posts". Here I drew out the calendar for each month and then wrote down the scheduled posts in the box for the day they are meant to go live. Then I tick them off after I post them.

Last but not the least is the "Blog Statistics" section. I just like keeping track of  this and I do a weekly analysis. I try not to get obsessed with numbers but it really encourages me to know that people actually visit my blog.

I update my blog planner weekly and I go through each of the sections ticking off all the goals I've completed, posts I've finished writing, posts that have gone live and my stats section. So far, I would have to say this system is working well for me although I have to admit that I miss having my blog section in my Filofax which I carry with me almost everywhere.

Below is the video of my set up if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Week #4 (2015)

 Working in a hospital ward with norovirus

My Week #4 in my Filofax
Blog planning/ watching a Filofax YouTube video/ I made Chilli Con Carne/ Wearing scrubs at work 

Earlier this week- on Monday, I was sent to work in another which was closed because there were a couple of patients there who had the norovirus. There were more than enough staff in my own ward and since no one was willing to go, they had to pick names out of a hat and obviously they picked me. The experience wasn't too bad. I got to wear Scrubs which I love.

After that, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and so I was able to relax a bit and watch my favourite YouTube videos- aka planner videos. When I went back to work on Thursday, one of the bays in my own ward had been closed too because one patient in there had norovirus. Luckily, I didn't work in that bay. The situation is not too bad and the patient is getting better. My annual leave starts tomorrow so I am really looking forward to relaxing at home.

Also, I just realised that this post is my 100th post on this blog. I'm so happy and I hope I will be able to keep on posting regularly this year. Hope you guys had a great week.
Thank you guys ever so much for reading.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Cameroon Tag

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share a very different post. I haven't really posted much about me on this blog and so I thought I would share with you guys some things about where I am from. As some of you may know, I am half Nigerian and half Cameroonian and I have always wanted to do a country tag since I have seen a couple of British Tags out there. Considering the fact that I have never even been to Nigeria, I therefore I'm not "Nigerian" enough to do the Nigerian Tag so today, I bring you- The Cameroon Tag. Whooo!!!

In case anyone is wondering where Cameroon is, my beloved country is in West Africa just next to Nigeria as shown on the map below.

So without further ado, I am going to crack on with the questions.

Were you born in Cameroon?

Yes yes yes. I was born in Cameroon- in the English speaking part and I lived there for 15 years before I moved to the UK. I lived in a town called Buea and I went to secondary school in a town called Limbe.

What is your favourite Cameroonian food?

I decided I was going to show you guys instead what my favourites are.

Roasted Fish

Fufu and Eru
Rice and Chicken
I absolutely love rice and chicken. I would eat any kind of rice, whether fried, boiled or jollof. 
Poulet DG- which is basically fried plantains and chicken.
Roasted Corn and Plums
These are not the only foods I like. There are plenty more but I would spend all day trying to find a picture of every one of them.
Do you listen to Cameroonian music/songs?

Yes I do listen to Cameroonian music, Nigerian Music and African music in general.

Who is your favourite Cameroonian artist?

I am really into Cameroonian music especially because I grew up listening to all these songs so even now that I am no longer in Cameroon, it's hard to just forget about these songs. My favourite artists would be Grace DeccaTom Yoms and Charlotte MbangoX MaleyaCharlotte DipandaPetit Champion. Click on the artist name if you want to listen to a song by these artists.

What in your house reminds you of Cameroon?

Ah there are so many things in my house right now that remind me of home. All my photos of my friends and I from boarding school, birthday cards, gifts from my friends and family, my traditional clothes and also watching the Nollywood Movies Channel sometimes reminds me of home.

Do you speak French?

I do speak a bit of French although I am not very fluent. I understand it though.

Do you Speak Pidgin English?

Haha I understand pidgin perfectly and I can speak it if I wanted to. I just don't speak it because my parents had drilled it into our heads that it ruins our English. My parents speak it among themselves and they even speak it to us. I just answer them back in English.

What tribe are you from?

My situation is kinda complicated. My dad is half igbo (Nigerian) and half bakweri and my mum is half bayangi and half Bamenda (I don't even know the exact tribe name).

Do you have any Cameroonian clothes?

Yes I do. I have loads of of my clothes which I brought with me from Cameroon. I love wearing them.

What do you miss the most about Cameroon?

I can't narrow it down to one thing. I miss everything about home. I miss my friends and family, the really nice weather, the beaches, the really nice Christmas atmosphere, the music, the people, the food and everything else in general.

Limbe Beach

Botanic Garden- Limbe

A view of Mount Cameroon in Buea

When was the last time you visited or when do you plan to visit?

I haven't visited since I came to the UK and it's been killing me because I miss it so much. I really would like to go back and visit this year before I start uni.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading a bit more about where I come from. I think it's very important not to lose your identity in life no matter where you are and that is something I would hold on to.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Medicine Application: Two Rejections And An Interview

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to give an update on my medicine application. In my last post, I wrote about the fact that I lost my shot at St George's University London because I didn't meet the UKCAT cut-off and so I got rejected by them a few days before Christmas.

Also, before Christmas, I got a rejection for The University of Dundee. They said my application was not competitive enough to be invited for an interview. To be honest, I was expecting this.
A few days ago, I also received a rejection from The University of Aberdeen. They said almost the exact same thing as Dundee and I was expecting this too. My UKCAT was not high enough and to be honest, I would have been really surprised if I had gotten an interview.

And finally, I got an interview invite for Clinical Science at the University of Bradford but I am going to have to decline this invite due to the fact that I didnt meet their widening access criteria. They asked me to bring evidence to show that I meet at least one of the criteria and I don't have any.

So that leaves me with my very last option- Biomedical Science at St George's University London, which is my back up at my first choice university. It is very clear now that I won't be doing medicine coming September- or at least not yet. However, I will be very contented to do Biomedical Science for now and so I will let you guys know when I hear back from the university.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Faith & Prayer Journal

Hello lovely people,
So towards the end of last year, I started getting interested in journalling and not just any kind of journalling- prayer journalling. Up until recently, I never knew what a prayer or faith journal was. I first came across this through a web series I used to watch called Dear Jesus- where a girl kept and online prayer journal. A quick search led me to so many blog posts such as These Three Girlies and pictures on the web that really helped spark my interest in this kind of journalling.

I however decided to get a notebook instead and I started out with just a normal pocket notebook in April 2014 where I wrote down my prayers. Below are a couple of pages from my first journal.

I was surprised that I actually was able to stick to this and so when I finished this notebook, I decided to upgrade to an A5 notebook for more space.

So I got the Leuchtturm 1917 plain notebook and I personalised the cover to suit my needs. I call it my "Walk by Faith" journal. Today, I wanted to give you guys a quick flip through.

This is what you see when you open it up. I have some quotes here about Faith and Prayer because the two go together and one can't really do much without the other. That's why it is my Faith and Prayer Journal.

Next thing I have is a "Prayer Hand". I used my own hand as a template and this helps me as a guide when I am praying for others. The five categories include those closest to your heart, those who point you in the right direction, those in leadership, those who are weak and those who are unnoticed.

On this next page, I have the Lord's prayer and also this little guide on how to pray. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. 

This is one of the many inspirational poems I keep in my journal. I love reading things like this over again because they keep me going.

I also write the lyrics to some of my favourite songs/hymns.

Here is a list of my prayer requests. I put a green sticker next to answered prayer requests, an orange sticker next to requests that are in the process of being answered and red stickers next to requests didn't get answered.

This is a very inspirational piece I found online about the virtues of a Proverbs 31 woman. I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman and so I thought keeping this here would be a nice reminder.

I also write my prayers in here. I like looking back at my prayers because they keep a record of my feelings at that time and when my prayers are answered, it builds my faith.

At the back of my journal, I made pockets where I could keep some washi tape samples.

I also keep some sticky notes, sticky tabs and project life cards at the back.

And in the expandable pocket at the back, I keep all my stickers.

So that is  a sneak peak into my Faith/Prayer journal. I really didn't think journalling would be my thing but I have really enjoyed doing this for the past couple of months and I really do hope that this will be a long term thing for me.
Do any of you own a journal? It doesn't matter what kind it is. Do you enjoy journalling? Please do leave a comment down below. I would love to know.
Thanks for stopping by.