DIY Filofax Flyleaf.

Hey guys,

I have another DIY post for you today. One other part of a Filofax I have found useful is the "flyleaf"- which is basically the transparent material that comes with the Filofaxes. I have one at front of my dashboard and also at the very back and they both help to keep everything together in my planner. If you love using flyleaves, then here's an idea of how to make your own.

Almost all Filofaxes you buy come with this protective covering which most of us throw away.

The material of this covering looks exactly like that of the flyleaf. There are also certain products you buy that come in boxes that also have this kind of material on them. You can always recycle these.

You are going to need a pair of scissors, a marker, a hole punch and a flyleaf to use as a template.

When you stretch out the whole covering, it looks like this.

I tried marking from the middle but it was hard because the material was very curvy in this section. so I went for the straight ends instead.

I used a ruler and a razor to cut it out but there are special cutting equipment you can get at the craft store. Don't forget to cut on top of a cutting board else you may ruin your furniture.

Next thing I did was add washi tape simply because I just love washi tape.

And then I used a Filofax paper as a template to punch holes on the flyleaf.

Then I also added some hole reinforcement stickers.

I use this flyleaf for keeping sticky notes which I carry around in my planner.

Do you guys have other uses for flyleaves rather than for just protecting your dashboard?
Thank you for reading.

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