Filofax Makeover And 2015 Set Up

Hey everyone,
So it's a new year and I decided I was going to give my baby a little make over as well as change my set up for 2015. Today, I am gonna be sharing my updated set up with you.

This is my baby- the personal Filofax Saffiano in aqua.

This is the first thing you see when you open it up. On the left- in the horizontal pockets, I have some paper clips, washi tape samples and a bookmark with one of my favourite bible verses. Behind the long vertical pocket, I keep stickers, more paper clips and some other random pieces of paper.

I now have a new dashboard as well as new dividers. I stuck a project life card on it because I love the quote on it and like looking at something beautiful when I open my planner.

I still have six sections in my planner but they have changed slightly.

Behind the dashboard, I keep some sticky tabs and on the right, I have some sticky notes which  stuck to one of the flyleaves I made in this post.

My first section is "Personal Info". I keep all my personal information here as well as my websites information with logins and  passwords.

Next section is "Calendar"

Here, I have the paperchase year view insert and on also my colour code.
Next is my month per page inserts. I have been using these inserts for a while now and I wrote about them in this post.

Next, are my weekly pages. For the month of January, I have been using the Paperchase WO1P. I just wanted to try them out to see if they will work for me but I have been thinking of going back to the WO2P inserts. I have been using a flyleaf each week where I keep a sticky note of all my to-do lists for that week.

Next section is "Lists".

I still have all my lists from the old set up. My wish list, books to read, movies to watch and bucket lists.

Also, I still have my wash tape inventory, My collection has grown a bit since the last time.

I also keep track of my orders and I have a list of them in my planner so I can tick them off when I have received them.

Next, is my "Finances" section.

I am going to be using  the Filofax finance tracker inserts this year. I hope I can make use of them as I am really bad at doing this.

Next, is my "Fitness" section.

Nothing has changed about this section. If you want to see all what I keep here, check out this post I made a while ago.

Last but not the least, is my "Notes" section.

This is where I keep all my random stuff like this card I made.

Some of my favourite scriptures.

My favourite quotes.

Notes from church and bible study are also kept here.

At the back, I have a top loading envelope where I keep more stickers.

And finally, I have the notepad at the back.

Top view.

Side view. I have been using a simple Cello Mayflair pen.

Bottom view.

Here's a quick video of my set up if you want to take a look.

So this is my updated set up guys. I tried to make my planner as light as possible and I am really happy with my new set up. 
Thanks for reading.

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