Medicine Application: Two Rejections And An Interview

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to give an update on my medicine application. In my last post, I wrote about the fact that I lost my shot at St George's University London because I didn't meet the UKCAT cut-off and so I got rejected by them a few days before Christmas.

Also, before Christmas, I got a rejection for The University of Dundee. They said my application was not competitive enough to be invited for an interview. To be honest, I was expecting this.
A few days ago, I also received a rejection from The University of Aberdeen. They said almost the exact same thing as Dundee and I was expecting this too. My UKCAT was not high enough and to be honest, I would have been really surprised if I had gotten an interview.

And finally, I got an interview invite for Clinical Science at the University of Bradford but I am going to have to decline this invite due to the fact that I didnt meet their widening access criteria. They asked me to bring evidence to show that I meet at least one of the criteria and I don't have any.

So that leaves me with my very last option- Biomedical Science at St George's University London, which is my back up at my first choice university. It is very clear now that I won't be doing medicine coming September- or at least not yet. However, I will be very contented to do Biomedical Science for now and so I will let you guys know when I hear back from the university.
Thanks for stopping by.

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