Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #1

*New Blog Series*

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you something I started doing this new year. If you read the post about my 2015 goals, then you might have noticed that I mentioned I wanted to start Scripture Journalling this new year. As one of the ways of building my relationship with God, I wanted a way to get to know the scriptures more and I stumbled upon a lovely lady on YouTube known as Maymay and she started this journey into journalling where each week of the year 2015, she would have a verse to meditate on and memorise and write it down in her Scripture Art Journal. I decided to join in this journey because I love journalling. I'm not a very arty person but I'm still learning. I have absolutely enjoyed doing this especially meeting and having a look at others' journals on the Facebook group.

I decided to use this notebook I got for Christmas as my Scripture Art Journal.

I decorated the front of it to suit my needs.

This is what you see when you open it up. I like to call it my dashboard.

I had to write down my goals or what I was hoping to achieve by getting involved in this journey.

This is the verse for week 1.

I like writing loads of other bible verses after that relate to the verse of the week.  

Week 2.
 This is one of my favourite bible verses and so I really loved doing it. I even have a magnetic clip in my Filofax with this verse on it :)

Week 3

Week 4

So this is a new blog series that will run throughout the year. At the end of each month, I will show you guys the bible verses that were for each week of the month. I really love doing this and I hope you guys enjoy having a look into my Scripture Art Journal.
Thanks for reading.

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