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Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share a very different post. I haven't really posted much about me on this blog and so I thought I would share with you guys some things about where I am from. As some of you may know, I am half Nigerian and half Cameroonian and I have always wanted to do a country tag since I have seen a couple of British Tags out there. Considering the fact that I have never even been to Nigeria, I therefore I'm not "Nigerian" enough to do the Nigerian Tag so today, I bring you- The Cameroon Tag. Whooo!!!

In case anyone is wondering where Cameroon is, my beloved country is in West Africa just next to Nigeria as shown on the map below.

So without further ado, I am going to crack on with the questions.

Were you born in Cameroon?

Yes yes yes. I was born in Cameroon- in the English speaking part and I lived there for 15 years before I moved to the UK. I lived in a town called Buea and I went to secondary school in a town called Limbe.

What is your favourite Cameroonian food?

I decided I was going to show you guys instead what my favourites are.

Roasted Fish

Fufu and Eru
Rice and Chicken
I absolutely love rice and chicken. I would eat any kind of rice, whether fried, boiled or jollof. 
Poulet DG- which is basically fried plantains and chicken.
Roasted Corn and Plums
These are not the only foods I like. There are plenty more but I would spend all day trying to find a picture of every one of them.
Do you listen to Cameroonian music/songs?

Yes I do listen to Cameroonian music, Nigerian Music and African music in general.

Who is your favourite Cameroonian artist?

I am really into Cameroonian music especially because I grew up listening to all these songs so even now that I am no longer in Cameroon, it's hard to just forget about these songs. My favourite artists would be Grace DeccaTom Yoms and Charlotte MbangoX MaleyaCharlotte DipandaPetit Champion. Click on the artist name if you want to listen to a song by these artists.

What in your house reminds you of Cameroon?

Ah there are so many things in my house right now that remind me of home. All my photos of my friends and I from boarding school, birthday cards, gifts from my friends and family, my traditional clothes and also watching the Nollywood Movies Channel sometimes reminds me of home.

Do you speak French?

I do speak a bit of French although I am not very fluent. I understand it though.

Do you Speak Pidgin English?

Haha I understand pidgin perfectly and I can speak it if I wanted to. I just don't speak it because my parents had drilled it into our heads that it ruins our English. My parents speak it among themselves and they even speak it to us. I just answer them back in English.

What tribe are you from?

My situation is kinda complicated. My dad is half igbo (Nigerian) and half bakweri and my mum is half bayangi and half Bamenda (I don't even know the exact tribe name).

Do you have any Cameroonian clothes?

Yes I do. I have loads of of my clothes which I brought with me from Cameroon. I love wearing them.

What do you miss the most about Cameroon?

I can't narrow it down to one thing. I miss everything about home. I miss my friends and family, the really nice weather, the beaches, the really nice Christmas atmosphere, the music, the people, the food and everything else in general.

Limbe Beach

Botanic Garden- Limbe

A view of Mount Cameroon in Buea

When was the last time you visited or when do you plan to visit?

I haven't visited since I came to the UK and it's been killing me because I miss it so much. I really would like to go back and visit this year before I start uni.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading a bit more about where I come from. I think it's very important not to lose your identity in life no matter where you are and that is something I would hold on to.
Thanks for stopping by.


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