Friday, 27 February 2015

Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #2

Hey everyone,
Today, I am going to be sharing with you the pages from my Scripture Art Journal for February 2015. For anyone who doesn't know, I am on a journey this year to journal and memorise one bible verse each week for the whole year. You can view last month's pages here. So these are my pages for February. 

Week 5

I really loved this verse. I think it is very inspiring.

Week 6

In everything one does, I think it is important to not do things with the aim of pleasing others. This is so you wouldn't end up doing them grudgingly. Doing things for the Lord helps you do it with a joyful and grateful heart.
Week 7

This was the verse for Valentine's week and I thought it was the perfect one for this time. We can have many treasures but the real question is where exactly are you storing yours? Are you storing your treasures here on this earth which will pass away, or are you storing your treasures in Heaven where we will spend eternity with our Heavenly Father?

Week 8

This is one of my favourite scriptures. I have this on a magnetic clip in my mini Metropol Filofax which I use as a wallet. See my set up here. I tried something different with this page. I decided to use a picture. What I love most about the picture is that the girl in it looks like she really does believe it. When I think about the words "all things", I think about the impossible things. Nothing is too hard for the Lord because He that is in us is far greater than he that is in the world.

That is all for this month. Join me again next month for my March Scripture Art Journal pages. Thank you so much for reading.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Planner Decoration Ideas: Washi Tape

Hey guys,
 I have another post about decorating your planner and today, I will be talking about the very famous washi tape.

I have a decent number of washi tape rolls and I really love them.
Washi tape is really famous in the planner community mostly because of their very colourful patterns.

What I love most about washi tapes is their very colourful and cute patterns that brighten up your pages when they are used in your planner.

How you use the washi tape or the number of patterns or colours you use is entirely up to you. Most people use it to decorate the edges of their planner pages or the lines. You can use them in which ever way you feel like. 

If you read the post on my very first set up then you would have noticed that I used washi tape in decorating the edges of the dashboard and dividers I made. Since I used the standard blue and green Filofax dividers that were not laminated, the washi tape helped protect the edges.

You can also use washi tape to write or highlight important things you want to remember in your planner. For example, I wrote down when I was supposed to restart work after my annual leave on some washi tape. Just like sticky notes, they are so colourful and bright and hard to miss in your planner.

You can also use them for noting down important events or memories such as bank/public holidays/ appointments/  birthdays/ days out and so on.

You could also use them for noting down TV show reminders.
Whatever you decide to use washi tape for is entirely up to you. I know some people also use them in the place of normal scotch tape. I think mostly because they can easily be taken off. I love using them for decorative purposes even in my journal and they help me to be creative as well. Does anyone else use washi tape in decorating their planners? How do you use it or what do you like most about using it? Please comment below. I would love to know.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Week #8 (2015)

Pancakes, Ice cream and washi tape
My Week #8 in my Filofax

Me in my cool socks/ We had pancakes and icecream/ I love vanilla yogurt and chocolate balls/ Cool clown pancake I found on facebook/ My new washi tapes finally arrived.

Verse of the week:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13
This week, it was Pancake Day on Tuesday and we had loads of pancakes and icecream. I love pancakes and icecream :) My siblings were on half term this week and so it was nice to have them around for a while.

Also, our boiler at home broke down on Friday and so the house has been really cold ever since. We did get someone to come fix it but they said they didnt have all the parts and they won't be able to get them till tomorrow. I really hope they do fix it soon because I cant deal with the cold. We have a couple of heaters warming up the house at the moment and I have been wearing my warm clothes and drinking lots of hot chocolate ;)
How was your week? Hope you guys are all well.
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Friday, 20 February 2015

Cute Blog Award

Hey everyone,
I found out a few days ago that I had been nominated for the cute blog award by the amazing Donna who blogs over at Stationery Starlet. I had never heard about this before and I was really grateful when I learned she had nominated me. 

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the following questions
  • Tell readers something new about yourself
  • Nominate your own favourite blogs


What's your 'go to' brand of make-up? 
To be totally honest with you all, I hardly ever wear make up. I do love cute lipsticks/lipgloss though and a bit of eye shadow but I'm not too fussy about brands. 

What's your favourite fashion trend?
I'm also not a fashionista either. I do love wearing what suits me. I love nice shoes (especially wedges) and my knee length dresses. I also love beanies and scarves :)

What is your favourite dessert?
Chocolate fudge cake and Vanilla icecream.

What is your favourite colour? 
Fuschia or Hot Pink.

What is the last song you listened to? 
I believe in you- Kylie Minogue

That Natwest Bank advert on tv somehow got this song stuck in my head for days and I had to look it up on YouTube :)

Dogs or Cats?
I can't really choose one but I think dogs are cuter for some reason.

Something you don't know about me...

Apparently I am a little short sighted but I have been avoiding an eye test for a long time . I really need to take one and get glasses.

Thank you again Donna for nominating me. All my favourite blogs have already been nominated for this award so I nominate any of my readers who fancy taking part in this.
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Faith Journal Flip Through #2

Hey guys,

This is another post in this series where I share some of my favourite pages from my Faith Journal. I enjoy reading/watching journal flip through posts/videos and I thought I would give you guys a peek into my own journal. You can find the previous flip though posts here.

In this post, I will be sharing some of my pages from mid December 2014 till early January 2015.

I started getting into the Christmas spirit and decorated my pages with Christmas stickers. To the right is one of my favourite bible verses. Encourages me in trying times.

More experimenting with washi tape and colours.

I love how this page turned out. I love how colourful and Christmassy it looks.

More Christmas stickers

Christmas day entry.

This was inspired by the lyrics to one of my favourite songs- The Anchor Holds by Ray Boltz

I saw this on Pinterest and I loved it so much I decided to create something similar.

New Year entry. My song for the year is Superman by Martin PK.

Something I have learnt to do this year. The secret to living happily is to trust and obey the Lord because He has plans for me. Plans to give me a future and a hope :)
Thank you guys for stopping by. Stay tuned for more flip through posts in the future.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Week #7 (2015)

College Interview,Valentine's Day and Adele Smith's Spring Gift Swap.

My Week #7 in my Filofax.
I did some more doodling this week and went as far as attempting to draw two love birds :)

Cute couple I saw in town/ A cloudy and windy day/ Reading one of my favourite blogs/ Scripture Art Journalling.

Verse of the week

This week went by pretty quickly. Nothing really spectacular happened actually except for the fact that my brother had his college interview yesterday which was Valentine's day and I had to go with him to his interview. The college he had the interview at was the one I went to so it was really nice going back there and seeing how much it had changed and even seeing some familiar faces.

Also, I just joined a spring gift swap hosted by Adele who blogs over at I have always wanted to get involved in gift swaps.This is an opportunity for people to learn or get to know more about each other and exchange gifts for spring in the end. If you guys are interested please don't forget to check out Adele's post here.
Hope you guys are all well and had a lovely week.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Planner Decoration Ideas: Sticky Notes

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share with you guys some ideas that could help with your planner decoration. If you are a planner enthusiast like me, you probably would be aware that there are so many different ways we can decorate our planners, but today, I am going to be talking about sticky notes/tabs.

I have a fair number of sticky note collections.

I love them in all shapes and sizes.

This is my latest collection which I got from the The Works for only £2.99.
Here are a few ideas for using sticky notes in decorating your planner.

  • For writing TV show reminders:
I don't know if it's just me, but I like writing down my favourite TV shows down in my planner so I don't forget to watch or record them. I usually write them down on sticky tabs and stick them down in my weekly pages.

The fact that these sticky tabs are colourful really makes it hard for me to miss these reminders in my planner.

  • For writing favourite quotes/bible verses:

Every week, I like writing down my favourite quotes or bible verses in my planner. So I always like writing them down on sticky notes.

  • For recording events:
I also like writing down some events on sticky notes. Most of them aren't very important but if I want to remember them I write them down in my planner.

For example when my blog had over 2500 page views, and when we had trips to London, I recorded them in my planner.

  • For writing to do lists

I use the larger sticky notes to write down my to do lists for each week. They really help a lot as I like having my to do lists in my weekly pages so I would actually look at them rather than having them on a separate sheet somewhere else in my planner.

  • For writing appointments:
Last but not the least, I use sticky notes for recording appointments. I got these little clock sticky notes from eBay and when I have hospital appointments or interviews, I actually draw the time on the clock. It's nice to look at them.

So do you guys use sticky notes/tabs in decorating your planner? Do you have any ideas on using them? Please comment below. I would love to know.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Week #6 (2015)

First Snow and Filofax Sighting

My Week #6 in my Filofax.
I tried something different this week. I doodled in my diary pages. I actually really loved doing this and I might do this once in a while.

It finally snowed.
Filofax sighting on tv
Earlier this week, it snowed finally- but only for a few hours. And I couldn't be happier that it only snowed for a few hours. I am not a massive fan of snow. I don't like the fact that it gets in my eyes, gets stuck on my coat and makes the roads slippery. I witnessed a motorcyclist fall right in front of me on my way back from a night shift on Tuesday morning. I don't want it back to be honest. Am I the only one who doesn't like snow?

Also, I watched the movies 27 dresses and Legally Blonde 2 and I spotted Filofaxes. Yay!!! I don't know every single Filofax model but the one from 27 dresses looked like a red personal size Topaz. I know this because I have seen the mini Topaz and they look exactly the same. Even though I don't stuff my Filofax, I love how stuffed Katherine Hegl's Filo looked. What I didn't like about the movie though was the fact that the guy ripped pages out of her Filofax and at the end, he gave her a blackberry to replace her Filo. How dare he? As if that could replace the joys of writing stuff down.

The other one from Legally Blonde 2 which belonged to Reese Witherspoon is one I have never seen before. It was all pink and pretty and  in personal size but I have no idea what model it was. I loved both movies and I would recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them.
Hope you guys had a great week.
Thanks for stopping by.