Faith Journal Flip Through #1

*New Blog Series*

Hey everyone,

I have watched many videos and read many blog posts of people giving a flip through of their journals and I have always wanted to do one of these. I especially love looking at Mrs Brimbles' blog posts where she shows a flip through of her Fauxbonichi. 
I am not a very arty person and I am still learning how to draw and doodle but I love decorating my journal pages. I get my inspiration from Youtube videos, blog posts and pinterest. 
Below are some of my favourite pages from November and December 2014. I have blurred out most of the words on the pages because they are personal.

I love using washi tape and stickers to decorate my pages.

These are the lyrics to one of my favourite songs- Stronger by Mandisa

Quotes are also very prevalent in my journal. I love inspirational quotes.

I also sometimes print out pictures and stick them in my journal just to add a bit of colour.

I tried drawing a snail and mine turned out to be very colourful but I still love it. 

I love experimenting with washi tape.

I also use sticky notes here and there in my journal to write stuff on.

That is all I have for now but I will be showing you more pages from my journal in the future.
Thanks for reading.

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