My Week #5 (2015)

Watching Frozen for the first time

My Week #5 in my Filofax.
So I ditched the W01P inserts because they weren't working for me and I have gone back to use the WO2P inserts.
Mani-Pedi time/ Watching the movie "Frozen" for the first time/ My new set of mini stabilo fineliner pens/ I made chicken stir fry.

Happy New Month everyone. This week, I was on annual leave and so I had some time to relax at home. I helped my younger brother with his application to college and he has already been invited for an interview. I can't believe he will be starting college in September. They grow up so fast.

The weather hasn't been very good this week. It has been snowing a lot up north but luckily, the snow hasn't gotten to us-yet. There was even a mini earthquake in a town next to ours earlier this week. According to information I got from the news, buildings shook for about three seconds before they stopped. Thank God it was only for three seconds. I can't wait for Summer to be here already.

Song of the month

Superman- Martin PK

Hope you all are well and are surviving this cold weather.
Thanks for stopping by.

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